Well folks, you don’t have to believe me, you heard it from Nunes’ mouth that Trump encouraged Elon to buy Twitter. Trump and his camp support Elon and his mission. 

Just as I suspected and laid out for you all over the past few weeks, the entire timeline reeks of white hat involvement. It was calculated, methodical, strategical, well timed to maximize damage and enemy exposure, and captivated a massive global audience. Moves and countermoves were flawlessly projected and executed and the enemy not only lost control of one of their most powerful brainwashing assets, but also exposed their own corruption whilst under the world spotlight. 

Notice how Trump and his team waited until AFTER Twitter was fully secure, before going public that they were involved. 

Now does it make more sense why the left-wing media complex went scorched earth on Elon and declared this as the greatest threat to democracy? Why the Biden admin went full blown authoritarian dictator and created the Ministry of Truth? Because they knew Trump was involved in this move. They knew Elon was working with Trump to some extent. They knew this path leads to the end of their reign. 

All the while, Trump is off screen, in the shadows. Just quietly working on TruthSocial, saying he’s not coming back to Twitter, etc. Giving off the OPTICS that he is distant from the entire situation. When in reality, he was advising it. And in all likelihood, based on the success and the Modus Operandi, it’s clear to me that Elon had significant operational help from Trump and military assets.

Now, why did Elon and Trump ensure that Trump seemed distant from the operation? TO TARGET THE NORMIES.

If Trump would have been linked to this deal before it was finalized, the centrists and leftists would have immediately discredited it and be less likely to pay attention. Because they are, quite literally, programmed to despise anything associated with Trump. By Trump appearing uninvolved, the story was followed by centrists and leftists as well, and allowed for this operation to result in a broader range of normies waking up to the reality of censorship online and the war on truth. 

Conservatives are already all too aware of this reality, so there was no need to try and target that base. This was designed to penetrate centrist/left-wing echo chambers. 

You’re welcome to believe all of this happened on accident and just so happened to be massively beneficial to Trump and his political campaign. I’m more inclined to believe that this was a meticulously calculated normie-waking operation, specifically designed to target centrists and leftists. Coordinated and advised by Trump and white hats. 

Keep in mind Elon is the US MIL’s highest paid contractor… and the US MIL supports Trump. 

Get the picture? 


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Would you look at that.  

Trump, Nunes and White hats “encouraged” Elon Musk to buy Twitter. 

I love when a plan comes together.