Kash bought a billboard advertisement slot in Times Square and is going to run a ‘Durham Watch’ ad 100 times a day for the next week! 

“What better way to go after the left, than go to the heart of the enemy’s kingdom?” 


Kash breaks down why Durham is smart to start at the bottom with Sussmann’s indictment, and he suggests that once he’s convicted, Sussmann might start cooperating with Durham in an attempt to reduce his sentence.

When does a bird sing?

General Flynn: “We are going to go after these people – and we actually filed very quietly, an intention to sue to the Department of Justice, all of these people, from Jim Comey up to President Obama.” 


BREAKING: Twitter Sr. Engineer Tells Undercover Journalist That “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech”; Confesses Employees at Tech Giant are “Commie as F**k”; Admits Left Wing Employees “Hate” Elon Musk “Capitalist” Takeover Attempt 


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