I find little value in the firearms “debate”, because there is no debate to be had. If you don’t understand why it is a citizenry needs to be armed to protect itself against a tyrannical government, then you haven’t studied a single government in the history of mankind and are not worthy of intelligent conversation. 

I also don’t find any value in these conversations because the line in the sand is quite clear. If they try to take away the 2A, the People will have no choice but to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and Patriots. End of conversation. 

Attacking the 2A also activates the Oath of EVERY SINGLE military and government service member, active and retired, who swore a timeless Oath to defend the Constitution from all threats foreign and domestic. 

Now with all that being said, the guns aren’t going anywhere. The Dems aren’t going to do shit. They are just glad they can get anything in the media cycle that isn’t about how they are failing on all fronts or about how Putin exposed their biological network in Ukraine. 

All they are doing is showing their asses, exposing their war-like posture, and motivating more people to vote red in the midterms. That’s all. Let them screech. Let them throw their fits. Let the People see the left for what they truly are. 

They are going to huff and puff but they won’t cross that line in the sand. Because they know what happens if they do.


Arthur Schwartz

Democrat Representative David Cicilline explains his party’s position on Second Amendment rights: “Spare me the bullshit about constitutional rights.”