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Biden says Ukraine might have to give Russia land in ‘negotiated…

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war objectives remain murky, but Biden claimed in February that Putin was attempting “re-establish the former Soviet Union” by seizing territory that Moscow once…

🚨Biden and the western media complex are finally starting to publicly admit that Russia is winning the war

Think about how much that proves. The western media complex have been pushing nonsense pro-Ukrainian war propaganda for months. Lying endlessly with stories of Ukrainian heroes putting up a valiant fight against Russian forces. Ghost of Kyiv, Snake Island, Maternity Ward, endless reports that Ukraine was winning, endless reports of Russian military incompetence, endless reports of Russian military targeting civilians… all of them lies. 

In reality, Russian military admittedly only activated 10% of its forces to engage in this military operation, they were using specific rules of engagement to minimize civilian casualties, and they only pushed as far as Putin said he would. Specifically to “de-nazify” Ukraine and “eliminate biological threats to people of Russia”. 

If you all recall when this first started, the western media claimed Putin is a deranged war criminal, hellbent on world domination, moving into Ukraine for no reason other than to kill civilians. Ukraine was his first target and he was soon to move into the rest of Eastern Europe. 

They compared him to Hitler a billion times. Only to find out that Ukraine is the only country in the world who literally has NAZI MILITARY UNITS. And instead of realizing who they were supporting… they instead doubled down on supporting proud nazis making biological weapons… can’t make this shit up.

As it turns out, quite literally NOTHING of what the western media said pertaining to Ukraine has been true. None of it. 

-Putin is not trying to conquer the world

-Putin is not blindly killing civilians 

-Ukraine is not winning the war 

-Ukraine has literal nazis in their army

-Ghost of Kyiv wasn’t real

-Snake Island was a lie 

-Maternity Ward was actually just nazis 

-The biolabs actually exist(ed) 

Everything they told you was a lie. And to top it off, they just sent 40 billion of our tax dollars and countless military weaponry to Ukraine, knowing full well Russia was winning and had zero chance to lose from the beginning. 

Biden just admitted Putin was honest to his word. Putin said Russia’s intent was to de-nazify Ukraine, eliminate the biological threats to his citizens, liberate the Donbas and Crimea from nazi control, and end the ongoing civil war since 2014. They did just that and now they are in peace talks about demilitarization. 

The same people who lied about EVERY SINGLE THING pertaining to Ukraine, want you to believe them when they say that Russia is lying about Biden, Obama, Clinton, and Soros facilitating the biological weapons network in Ukraine… 

This is the most explosive story on the planet. Be sure to remember who chose to ignore it. 


Look at this goddam lying fool 👇

President Biden on Friday declined to rule out Ukraine having to cede part of its territory to Russia in order to end Moscow’s more than three-month-old invasion.

“Does Ukraine have to cede territory to achieve peace?” a reporter asked Biden after his remarks on the May jobs report.

“From the beginning, I’ve said and I’ve been — not everyone’s agreed with me — nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine,” Biden began his answer. “It’s their territory. I’m not going to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do.

“But it appears to me that at some point along the line, there’s going to have to be a negotiated settlement here,” the president added. “And what that entails, I don’t know. I don’t think anybody knows at the time. But in the meantime, we’re gonna continue to put the Ukrainians in a position where they can defend themselves.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Thursday that Russian forces currently occupy roughly one-fifth of his country.

Zelensky said this week, “we’re not ready to concede any of our territories.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war objectives remain murky, but Biden claimed in February that Putin was attempting “re-establish the former Soviet Union” by seizing territory that Moscow once ruled.

Biden’s subordinates previously expressed an openness to Ukraine giving up land to placate Putin. For example, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said in March that she would not “pre-judge” the matter. 

But it’s unclear if Ukraine would actually agree to be carved up.

MARIUPOL, DONETSK REGION, UKRAINE – APRIL 22, 2022: An aerial view of the city of Mariupol in the aftermath of shelling. The Russian Armed Forces are carrying out a special military operation in Ukraine in response to requests from the leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic (Credit Image: © Peter Kovalev/TASS via ZUMA Press)