Kash thinks Durham knew he would “take a missile” by bringing the Sussmann trial to DC, but thinks he wanted to make a point: “He used the Swamp to create this source of information for the public. Had he tried it in, ya know, Western Kansas, almost nobody would have paid attention. But even the mainstream media was forced to at least acknowledge the revelations in this case.”

Sounds like everything went according to plan 🙌🏼

Bill Barr says that the Sussmann trial produced admissible evidence that “the Hillary Clinton campaign engineered this whole play of twerking up this whole false narrative and getting it to the FBI.” 

He also thinks that the upcoming Danchenko trial should shed some light on why the FBI took the fake information seriously. 

Former DNI John Ratcliffe: 

“John Durham’s prosecution may have lost this battle, but they’re clearly winning the war.” 

He continued on to say he is optimistic that Durham will successfully prosecute these criminals and also “expand the indictments.”

Did you hear that? We are winning the war.


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Brian Cates ✪✪✪

Durham got the private spy network on the record in the Sussmann case. 

With the Danchenko case, Durham is going to establish how both the Clinton Campaign and the FBI knew they were taking fake Trump/Russia allegations from a suspected Russian agent in order to accuse Trump and his associates of being Russian agents.  

Durham will demonstrate that from the very beginning the FBI Crossfire Hurricane team was very well aware that Christopher Steele’s primary source for his fake dossier was very likely a Russian intelligence asset.  

And yet they went ahead and took Danchenko’s allegations to accuse innocent Americans of being Russian agents.

Innocent Americans like Donald J. Trump, Gen. Michael Flynn, and Carter W. Page.


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