Huge Plot Twist Develops Immediately After DC Jury Acquits Perkins Coie Lawyer Michael Sussmann

Just because on a single false statement charge that Durham used to establish all that groundwork, a DC jury nullified all the evidence and let Sussmann walk, does this also nullify the evidence that Durham now has on record with the court?

It does not. Durham can still use all this evidence in ongoing cases.

Let me count the ways.

Durham established through an in camera review that Perkins Coie, Hillary for America, the DNC, Fusion GPS and other parties will make frivolous and unsubstantiated claims of attorney-client privilege in attempts to defy federal grand jury subpoenas.

Any such claims these same litigants advance in future cases as they attempt to thwart subpoenas by making this same claim is not going to fly. It’s already established record they lie about this, and so future judges will be granting Durham any in camera reviews he requests.

Durham established there was a coordinated joint venture between the DNC, HFA, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS to create fake Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes that were then to be given to federal agencies to get the Trump campaign targeted for law enforcement and intelligence investigations. Once a successful handoff of a hoax was accomplished, the Clinton campaign would then orchestrate a media leaking campaign publicizing the fact that Trump and his associates were targets of federal investigations. Durham established all of this on the record.

Durham established via sworn testimony that not only was Hillary Clinton aware her campaign was manufacturing fake Trump/Russia hoaxes, she gave her own personal approval to move ahead and give these hoaxes to the news media. She and her campaign left a social media record behind them after the hoaxes were given to the FBI, calling attention to the hoaxes and raising their visibility as a way to affect the 2016 presidential campaign.

Durham established that private federal contractors were stealing classified/nonpublic data off of federal agency databases and using the stolen data to construct these hoaxes. And the Clinton campaign was paying for it all. The FEC even fined the Clinton campaign and the DNC for trying to hide the payments for the hoaxes by laundering the payments for the dirty tricks operation through their Perkins Coie law firm. [There’s been a fantastic new plot twist to this point #4, which I’ll be addressing in a minute!]

As I’ve been saying for going on 5 years now, those who think the plan is to expose all of this so they can watch all the powerful people behind all this corruption skate away scott free do not understand the movie they are watching. You don’t expose this high level of criminal activity that involved massive national security breaches and the selling and buying of classified information **without** charging those involved in it.