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I just finished “The Truth About January 6th” Documentary. This is a follow up to the post above. 

Amidst all the chaos that day at the Capitol, we knew we should get out immediately. But through the smoke, the crowd, the terror…

I got separated from my crew. 

There were no taxis in sight to get back to my hotel. My phone was dead, so contacting Uber was out of the question. I had to walk (and hope I could find my way back without a map). As I was leaving, military vehicles were pouring into the Capitol in a steady parade. We chose to leave at a good time. 

I finally made it back to my hotel with the help of other Trump supporters, and after contacting my friends to check on their status, I crashed. 

Fast Forward from that day on January 6th later on to a day in September 2021. 

I’m at work, behind my computer and a man walks through the door straight up to me. He asked me to identify myself. 

“Can I speak with you?” he asked me. This isn’t unusual in my line of business, so I walked around to speak to him face to face. He whipped out his badge and told me he was with the FBI. 

By then, we all knew what was happening to the people who went inside the Capitol that day. They were being held as political prisoners, without bail, and under harsh conditions. It dawned on me that this corrupt regime could easily take us all down. Myself being the next in line.

“Before we get started, I need to ask you a question first,” I tell him. 

“Are you a James Comey type FBI, or are you actually here to get the truth?” 

That kinda threw him off his game. He knew I knew. If they were gonna take me in, I was at least gonna throw it back at him first. 

“No sir, I have no connections to the DC department.” He stated he was with the North Georgia department and with a separate division, completely. 

He proceeded to pull out a large folder of printed pictures of tweets, yours truly sitting on top of a massive pile. Yes, I had posted that one selfie in a comments section of a friend. It got flagged. 

“Is this you?” he asked. 

And this is where I tell him the whole story: Tear gas. The beatings. Flash bang bombs. My suspicions of Antifa, and yes, agent provocateurs. He told me he was hearing these same things from other interviews. I proceeded to tell him about my phone dying, but I never went into the Capitol. 

“Oh we know you didn’t,” he told me. “Your phone didn’t PING inside the Capitol.”

They tracked me all the way back to my hotel. 

“So if you know I didn’t go inside, why are you here? Don’t you have bigger fish to fry, like the actual people who started this?” 

He told me he had to complete the list, and it was a very long one. These were directives coming straight from “the top,” (whoever that shady being may be). 

He seemed vexed that he had to interrupt my day, and his too, for that matter. He shook my hand as we wrapped it up and gave me his card. 

But the interesting word to take out of this interview is the word, “PING.” 

Geotracking folks by their cellphones (even ones that are turned off or with dead batteries, like mine). 

Where have we heard this story before? 

The documentary “2,000 Mules.”

And if they tracked everyone at the Capitol that day, and contacted me many months later, why can’t the same be done to those that actually committed crimes- like burning, looting and murder- like Antifa? 

Keep this in mind, frens. I truly believe not all members of our government are bad. With this kind of technology at their fingertips, I truly believe they are tracking EVERY SINGLE PERSON involved in this Color Revolution. 

Spygate. Durham. Ballot Mules. Epstein. The Laptop from Hell. This corrupt regime. 

We have it all. 

Hold the Line, frens. Justice will be served. 

~ PatriotAU

(…earlier, Patriot AU WROTE…)

So I’m halfway through “The Truth About January 6th” documentary. It is not an easy watch. Absolutely brutal what was done by the Capitol Police. The tear gas, the flash bombs into the crowds, the instigators with bullhorns yelling, “Storm the Castle! Go! Go! Go!” 

All of this is true – I can attest to this, because I was there that day. 

My group of friends arrived just before the chaos started. We thought this would be a peaceful protest. I took a selfie of myself in front of the Capitol just before my cell phone battery died (I had been filming all morning at Trump’s Rally). 

People were singing “The Star Spangled Banner.” Waving flags. Hugging. We were there to protest the fraudulent election – PEACEFULLY. And then a loud BOOM went off. 

Though I didn’t go up as close to the steps or doorway of the Capitol, we could clearly see people being attacked. Tear gas. People running. Instigators with bullhorns. Flash bombs being hurled toward us. 

“I don’t know what that is, but we’d better run” I yelled to my friends. 

Smoke filled the air. People were bleeding. What was that loud boom? It sounded like a cannon. What exactly was going on? 

We knew this had gone south quickly. This wasn’t normal behavior of Trump supporters. I should know, I’ve been to 7 Trump Rallies and I’d never encountered this kind of behavior before. We support law and order, our military and policemen, our freedoms set before us by our Founding Fathers. We know that “this” is not the way.

Had we been infiltrated by Antifa? That was our best guess – after all, we had to endure an entire summer of them burning down buildings, looting businesses, attacking people in their cars, and far worse, killing innocent people. And here we were, in the center of the chaos. 

I’ll continue my story after I finish the second half of this documentary. It was a really dark day for innocent, American citizens. A painful look back at a Color Revolution by Marxist Anarchist hell-bent on stirring chaos that set forth a million lies to create division. A million lies to strip us of our beautiful Republic. A million lies that has propelled us (over a year, with what seems like no end) from a new regime that was “injected,” not elected. This is irregular warfare.

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