Brian Cates:


The Clean Up Of Puerto Rico Continues🔥

U.S. Attorney Muldrow: “These investigations are not over” “..the citizens of Puerto Rico expect their public officials to act with honesty and integrity, and not for personal gain.” 

🚨Puerto Rico: Mayor of Cataño Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes in Exchange for Millions in Municipal Contracts 

🚨Contractor Arrested for Paying Bribes to Mayor of Cataño

🔹Félix Delgado-Montalvo, 40, pled guilty on a criminal charge related to his involvement in a bribery conspiracy in which he received weekly cash payments in exchange for awarding municipal contracts to “Company A.”

🔹Mario Villegas-Vargas, 42 was arrested on criminal charges related to his involvement in a scheme to bribe the mayor.

🔹Villegas-Vargas, who owned an asphalt & paving company in Puerto Rico with “Individual B,” paid kickbacks & bribes to Delgado-Montalvo. In exchange, Delgado-Montalvo exerted his influence on municipal officials to ensure that Villegas-Vargas’s business was awarded over $9.9M in municipal contracts….

Puerto Rico: Six current & former mayors have been arrested since 2020!! 


December 2021👉Puerto Rico: Mayor of Cataño Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes in Exchange for Millions in Municipal Contracts

May 2022👉Puerto Rico: Two Mayors Arrested and Charged With Taking Bribes

June 2022👉Puerto Rico: Former Democrat Mayor Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison for Accepting Bribes

👆👆👆Who remembers how the fake news media threw a lot of shade a President Trump over supposedly BUNGLING his response to a major hurricane hitting Puerto Rico?  

Here’s what actually happened:  The corrupt politicians on the island are in bed with a rampant BLACK MARKET and most of the AID that got sent to the island ended up being stored and hidden for years inside secret warehouses where the items were then sold at high prices and everyone involved pocketed the $$$.

So President Trump didn’t bungle a damn thing. The corrupt politicos of the island have been ‘disappearing’ any aid sent there into their black market black hole.  

And somebody has finally started exposing it all.