Several years ago I worked out at a friend’s gym. One of the other women who worked out at the same time was married to a successful physician and they had a beautiful home on the Indian River. When she stopped coming to the gym my friend told me she had left it all behind to move to Oregon to be among people of like kind, i.e. liberals. Upon reflection, I recalled several things she said during her workouts that I should have picked up on then. She was a flaming liberal who left it all behind to live the hippie life in one of the most socialist states in the US.

Another friend and I had a recent conversation about how people like her can think a life of socialism is “goodness.” He replied, “their brains are wired differently.”


Oregon Admits Decriminalizing Drugs Caused ODs to Skyrocket 700%

Oregon state officials admit that a 2020 ballot measure to decriminalize drugs has failed, BizPacReview reports. Overdoses are skyrocketing and appropriated funds remain unspent.

Testimony before the House Committee on Behavior Health on Thursday painted a grim picture of Oregon’s efforts to encourage self-help in lieu of incarceration.

This is one year after they decided to become the first state to do it.

“When the voters of Oregon passed Measure 110, we did so because it was a change of policy in Oregon to improve the lives of people, to improve our communities,” Secretary of State Shemia Fagan testified. “And in the years since, we haven’t seen that play out. Instead… we’ve seen the problem with drug addiction get worse.”

Republican state Rep. Lily Morgan said her community had seen a 700% increase in overdoses and a 120% increase in deaths, The Washington Examiner reports.