“Axios: CNN is ready to fire Jim Acosta and Brian Stetler.”

Some wins, some losses, but plenty of fight by Conservatives against the Swamp! ❤️

News today 6/8/22

From Epoch Times:

‘Insuffienct evidence’ of excessive force in shooting death of Ashlie Babbitt, DOJ report says. Capital police Lt. Michael Byrd produced no reports on his fatal shooting of Babbitt and refused to give an official statement to investigators, but agreed to a “voluntary debriefing” stating if the “mob of rioters” outside the Speaker’s lobby gained entry, “it wasn’t going to go well.”

Revelations in report: 1) Normal staffing for joint session less than half due to Covid and other issues  2) There were no closed circuit television security cameras that covered the hallway outside the Speaker’s lobby 🤔  3) Byrd had one prior use of force matter. He appealed and prevailed.  4) Although Byrd refused to give a formal statement to investigators, the DOJ concluded that his apparent belief that Babbitt posed an imminent, potentially deadly threat was ‘reasonable.’ Therefore no charges were recommended.

From MxM News:

Internal capital police review found sweeping intelligence, security failures on Pelosi’s watch. Note: this article is written by John Soloman from ‘Just the News.’ It is a great article and very comprehensive.

Key Republicans prepare to launch counter attack to Jan 6 committee’s ‘Partisan Witch Hunt.’ Elise Stefanik(OH)(NY) Jim Banks(IN) and Jim Jordan(OH) plan to counter the J6 programming through media appearances, centering on problems that Americans are actually focused on. Fox news will air Tucker Carlson’s and Sean Hannity’s prime time shows rather than the hearings. However, it will air the hearings on Fox Business. In the meantime, Banks said the Republicans are putting the finishing touches on their J6 report and have interviewed dozens of people, including whistleblowers related to Capital security. “We have some findings,” he said.

A follow up article concerning the above: FBI purging conservatives, critics of Jan 6 narrative, whistleblowers tell Rep. Jim Jordan. In an interview with Laura Ingraham on her show, he said  ‘One employee who is a decorated Iraqi war veteran, had his security clearance taken away, and is indefinitely suspended for disagreeing with the Jan 6 narrative.

Mitch McConnell blasts Democrats ‘Unhinged, reckless, apocalyptic rhetoric’ for failed assassination attempt on SC Justice Kavanaugh. A man was arrested outside the home of Kavanaugh, and reportedly planned on killing him. McConnell said the Senate unanimously passed a SC security bill weeks ago, and the House Dems have spent weeks blocking it.

Iran shuts down UN surveillance camera’s at nuclear site.

Axios: CNN is ready to fire Jim Acosta and Brian Stetler.

Jean-Pierre blames inflation on Trump, ‘global challenges.’

Sen. Debby Stabenow(D-MI) blasted for boasting about her pricey electric car.

And there you have it.