Boeing may have to change the paint job President Trump proposed on Air Force One because the color is too dark and could cause the engine to overheat.

The Air Force revealed there’s a design flaw in former President Donald Trump’s wish to paint the presidential plane in his signature red, white and dark blue colors.

Trump’s plan for the two new 747s being built into flying White Houses called for the underside of the plane and its engine area to be painted dark blue.  

But that could contribute to excessive temperatures on the plane, a problem that Boeing would have to pay out-of-pocket to fix, Politico reported.

Boeing has already lost nearly $1.1 billion so far in converting two 747 aircraft into new Air Force Ones and its CEO has expressed regret at taking on the project at Trump’s terms.

President Joe Biden’s White House has not decided whether it will keep Trump’s color scheme or revert the design back to the traditional baby blue and white it now bares.

Trump’s design – that features a dark blue under carriage – may require the plane to incorporate some modifications to cool some of its components, a source told Politico.

Trump revealed his redesign in 2019.

The new color scheme resembles the color scheme of Trump’s personal Boeing 757, which 2016 campaign crowds called ‘Trump Force One.’ 

The model of the new Air Force One design - with its red, white and blue livery - was displayed in President Donald Trump's Oval Office; now Boeing could have to pay for a design flaw - the dark blue covers the engine area and could make plane hotter
President Joe Biden will decide whether to keep Donald Trump's new paint job for the presidential plane or switch it back to the traditional baby blue and white

Meanwhile, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said in April that the company should have refused Trump’s terms for building the two new presidential planes.

There are two as the presidential plane always needs a backup. 

The company had announced that it had lost $660 million in the project to convert two 747 airliners. 

The presidential plane contains classified communication gear to allow the president to be in constant communication with the outside world and features special items like a surgery suite.

Unlike a normal 747, the plane has its own retractable stairways, for the rear entrance and the front entrance. And its own baggage loader so it can be entirely self servicable if it needs to be.

It also has an in-flight refueling system that gives it the ability to stay up in the air indefinitely.

Trump’s deal involved a fixed price of $3.9 billion, leaving Boeing to foot the bill for any design changes or ballooning costs.

‘Air Force One I’m just going to call a very unique moment, a very unique negotiation, a very unique set of risks that Boeing probably should not have taken,’ Calhoun said, ‘but we are where we are, and we’re going to deliver great airplanes.’

Trump's personal Boeing 757, dubbed 'Trump Force One' by reporters and campaign crowds, has a similar color scheme to what he's proposing for the government
Jackie Kennnedy, the first lady at the time, worked with an industrial designer on the look and feel of the jets that the last 11 presidents have flown on. The design was modified slightly for the different body shape of the double deck 747-200Bs which now fly as Air Force One
Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun said in April that the company should have refused Trump's terms for building the two new presidential planes
Since the 1940s, seven different plane types have been specifically designed to carry the American president - the 747 (see above) has been in use since the 1990s

Trump took a close interest in plans for the new presidential airplane although it won’t be delivered until 2024, meaning he would never have gotten to use it.

A model of the new design took pride of place in the Oval Office, on the coffee table by the fireplace where he often showed it off to guests.

The work on the two 747s is taking place in San Antonio, Texas.

The last Air Force One reboot came during John F. Kennedy’s presidency when industrial designer Raymond Loewy worked with first lady Jackie Kennedy on a sky blue and cyan motif.

That design stayed when the converted Boeing 747-200 planes that President Biden flies on were placed into service in 1990.

‘Air Force One’ isn’t really a specific plane. It’s the radio call sign of any aircraft the President of the United States is aboard.

But the name has become shorthand of the specific jumbo jet that attracts attention and photographers wherever it lands.

A rare color picture showing John and Jackie Kennedy in front of the Air Force One design which they oversaw. The photograph was taken when they landed in San Antonio, Texas, the day before JFK was assassinated. Air Force One at the time was a Boeing 707

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