Bio Clandestine writes:

Remember circa 2017-2018 when Trump would pull that political theatre like he had no idea what was going on with Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein? He acted like he didn’t have any control of his own appointees and subordinates despite meeting with them weekly and able to fire them at any moment.

He created the illusion of distance from the situation. Giving off the optics that he was not involved with the ongoings at the DOJ. So when Trump was exonerated by Mueller, the Dems couldn’t claim Trump interfered.

I’m getting the same vibes with the Twitter situation. Trump has adamantly and repeatedly reminded us he has no plan of going back to Twitter. But also is hinting that he knew about this plan and the high bot activity. 

Trump is helping shape the narrative, while making it a point that he has absolutely nothing to do with the decimation of one of the deep state’s most powerful assets. 

I’m not buying it. Trump has his fingerprints all over every aspect of this operation. It’s calculated.