“I’m going all in conspiracy theory tonight. I just read Bio Clandestine post on Nigerian bio labs. I had to go back and check and yes it’s Nigeria that has baby farms. I posted about them earlier today. Guess what was found in Ukraine? Bio labs and baby hospitals that were suspected as baby farms. Wtf is going on??? — The Colonel’s Corner, Telegram

BIO Clandestine — Nigerian Biolabs

Chief of Russian Radiation Chemical and Biological Protection Force, Igor Kirillov, (we have seen him before, he gave the briefing on the US biolab network in Ukraine), said there are at least 4 US-run biolabs operating in Nigeria, where the monkeypox outbreak originated from. Kirillov also noted that this is a, “strange coincidence that requires additional inspection by specialists.”

Then there is Konstantin Kosachev, a co-chair on the Commission speaking about the Commission’s involvement with Russian Military Intelligence. Kosachev stated, “The commission intends to discuss the defense ministry’s information about the possible involvement of US bio laboratories in the emergence of monkeypox,”. 

Kosachev and the Commission have been very blunt on the US biological activity, citing accelerated nefarious activity over the past 2 decades. Kosachev went on to say “We are justified in focusing on the Ukrainian theme, because we have managed to get direct access to the facts of the R&D, which the Americans attempted to conceal by breaking it into elements. They have consciously transformed each of the ‘guinea-pig’ countries into an assembly shop of a general military plant that creates know-how and capacities for the production of biological weapons.”

Just as myself and many others speculated, that due to the rapid transmission of this “Monkeypox” outbreak, this must be genetically modified Monkeypox with increased transmissibility, or it’s not actually Monkeypox, i.e. shingles, vax side effect, different pathogen, etc. Given the timing of an election year and the Dems desperately needing mail-in voting to commit fraud (2000 Mules), it’s even more suspect. 

It seems Russia is also curious about the US biological activity there, stating there are least 4 US Biolabs in Nigeria, and therefore indirectly accusing the US of being responsible for this ongoing Monkeypox outbreak. Meaning that the US released another bioweapon on the world population. Notice how the outbreak is only in NATO countries and Australia? All the Globalist leaders and pandemic loving progressives just so happen to control these countries. 

I know all of us have had our eyes on Taiwan, looking for that to be the next move from China, but keep an eye out on Nigeria. I’ll be doing a deep dig on Nigerian labs after this, if anyone finds anything juicy let me know. 

Disclaimer, this happened 10 days ago on May 29th. Yet it slipped past me and it didn’t catch much traction here in America. I certainly haven’t seen anyone talk about it. The Western media complex and Big Tech are working hard to make sure we don’t stumble across Eastern media. In order to find it, you have to actively look for it. 

Let’s get digging!