Youth Blood Harvesting: Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Vindicated as Fact 

Youth blood-sucking is official “fact” because the gatekeeping corporate media now acknowledges it.

The Telegraph:

As macabre as it sounds, science is beginning to discover that ‘youth transplants’ really can slow down the ageing process.

The fountain of youth, it seems, is youth itself.”

Youth transplants” is a euphemism for sucking out the vital fluids of baby/child “donors” and injecting them into aging recipients:

“Although nobody is suggesting we siphon the bodily fluids of youngsters into our elderly… infusing cerebrospinal fluid of young mice into old mice improves brain function, a breakthrough.”

So, “nobody is suggesting” medically extracting cerebrospinal fluid from babies/children and injecting it into old (presumably well-paying) clients… except that’s precisely what they’re studying the feasibility of doing.

Where do you suppose that “teenage blood plasma” was sourced from? The wealthy children of DC elites, or some poor farmer’s daughter in a Guatemalan village, or the Compton streets, or some Appalachian township?


Nigerian ‘baby farm’ raided – 32 pregnant girls rescued 

Nigerian police have raided an alleged “baby farm” where teenage mothers were forced to give up their newborns for sale to human traffickers. Thirty-two pregnant girls were rescued from a maternity home run by a trafficking ring in the southern city of Aba, police said.

The girls, mostly of school age, were allegedly locked up at the Cross Foundation clinic so they could produce babies to be sold for illegal adoption or for use in ritual witchcraft.

Babies are sold for up to $6,400 each, depending on the sex, the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons says. Teenagers with unplanned pregnancies are sometimes lured to clinics and then forced to hand over their babies.

The children are often put up for illegal adoption or, in some parts of the country, killed as part of witchcraft rituals because they are thought to make charms more powerful.

Now that hiding this type of research from public inquiry won’t be logistically feasible much longer as it’s adopted at larger scale, the job becomes to normalize it.