From Spitballer Claudia:

“Yesterday night I had a bizarre encounter. I went to the small ” bodega” near my house to buy bananas. A middle age man was holding a ripe plantain and in a very educated and broken English asked me how to cook it. I explain him more or less but he continued asking me questions about some fruit like advocates (sic).

He apologized for his English, he said he was Ukrainian, came last week with his daughter. As a Refugee? asked I, ” No, Turismo.”

I was surprised. They are going back next week.  Live in Karkov. The daughter, a very young woman and a beauty I must say she spoke better English. She was amused that her father would hold a conversation in English. Very nice and pretty and educated people. I asked her why they were returning now to Uk. and dangers there. She acknowledge that there is war but didn’t look worry at all, she laugh a little and said Ukraine is always like that.

While I spoke alone with the father I redpilled him a little. He asked me ” Biden good?” I move my  head in negative.  He said, “no, Biden a crazy man.”

He asked Biden left? I said yes. He asked why left is bad, I said “Communism”. He raised his right hand and asked ” Trump RIGHT” i said Yes.  Asked Trump good? I move my head saying YES,YES. VERY.

Obama? I raised my left hand. He look surprised  OBAMA BAD? I said with gestures “Number One.” 


I said Fascism, left is Fascist.

Those people were not afraid at all of the ” terrible war”. They said Putin good and sometimes bad.

I said Biden always bad.

Hahahaha, what experience!  I hope to see them again. I live near the beach, they should be nearby.