Bruno Barking at TRUTH Social reposted a thread from March 25, 2022 that explains the whole sordid mess.

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1/ what’s the BIG DEAL about Ukraine energy co Burisma?
WHY should Americans CARE that Biden’s son Hunter was on Burisma’s board taking in $83k/mo? +MORE bribes we will see evidence of?

UKRAINIAN Prosecutors’ Entire Presser of the gas scheme whereby Burisma bilked BILLIONS from Ukrainian people is linked below:

For all who purport to “support Ukraine”?

LEARN from NABU how the #BidenCrimeFamily STOLE BILLIONS!

2/ The Ukrainian Prosecutors’ presser re Biden corruption is transcribed in English. I screenshot salient portions, starting w the Burisma scheme involving Hunter Biden.
Here’s how the gas scheme worked:

RUSSIAN gas crossed into Ukraine & then went thru the pipe for 1.5 kilometres into Slovakia and, w/o stopping, returned BACK to Ukraine, but as “EURO” gas.

What made the gas “European?”

IT GOT SLAPPED with a 50 € “freedom tax”, pretending to be Euro gas.
ALL PAID by bilked Ukrainians

3/ the result for Ukrainian families?

Astronomical energy prices!
With the excess going right into Western pockets, including the #BidenCrimeFamily.

Ukrainians had to pay Hunter’s $50-83k/mo, with a portion for “Pops “

4/ how did Joe Biden get directly involved?

When the Ukrainian anti-corruption office and Ukrainian Prosecutors started investigating all this CASH TRANSFERRED to the West?

Biden demanded that Prosecutor Shokin be FIRED!

Biden’s puppet Pres Poroshenko complied.

We all have heard the bribery.
Biden even bragged about it.

WSJ reported this in 2019.

5/ but prosecutor Shokin didn’t just get FIRED for digging too deeply into #BidenCrimeFamily corruption into Ukraine….

Shokin was POISONED.
With Mercury.
But lived.
To now be a WITNESS!

6/ per Prosecutor Shokin, on his Mercury poisoning episode and WHO he believes is behind it

7/ How did we get here?
All of this US meddling in Ukrainian energy policy and all of this money being transferred to the West?

It started with the #BudapestAgreement in 1994.
Recall Communism fell in 1991, and the newly free former Warsaw Pact countries (like Russia and Ukraine) were emerging, with new capitalist based economies and forging a new place in the Geo political world. 

Russia Ukraine and the US made a deal…
Ukraine gives up nukes, and US & Russia both promise NOT TO INVADE

8/ Both east and west have been in violation of #BudapestAgreement since its inception.

Ukraine has been like a pendulum, swinging back-and-forth…
First under Russian influence, then under US, and back again.

9/ the last “pendulum swing” was for Ukraine to fall under US domination.

The 2014 “dignity revolution” started by snipers picking off protestors in the streets of Kiev. It resulted in the more pro Russia President being ousted and impeached, and replaced by Pres Poroshenko, friendly to the Obama admin.
This embarrassing audio leak, of Victoria Nuland, US under sec of state , revealed just how much influence US held.

10/ Let’s head back to the Prosecutor Press conference transcript.

It covers 3 parts:
1/ Bribery involving the #BidenCrimeFamily
2/ Alleged telephone conversations between Poroshenko and Biden, indicating international corruption and Treason
3/ the DemoCorruption network that stole BILLIONS $$$$$ from both the Ukrainian and American people

11/ The representatives of Burisma were caught in the act of committing a crime, initially was not $6 million at all. The amount of the bribe was originally $50 million.

Once again: NOT $6 MILLION, BUT $50 MILLION!

12/ NABU is SUPPOSED to be the anti corruption office in Ukraine. Instead? It’s allegedly fulfilling tasks set by the Democratic Party-oriented US Embassy in Ukraine: to cover up the Burisma euro gas scandal and remove the Biden family from suspicion. Case No. 1590, investigating Biden Burusma corruption, was allegedly closed for a $6 /$50 million bribe, paid to Biden via Rosemont Seneca, Devon Archer’s firm.
Devon Archer = a Hunter Biden associate

13/ NABU also is alleged to have illegally collected and leaked private info re prosecutor Shokin’s family to US officials, resulting in Biden ordering Poroshenko to FIRE him.

George Kent is one of those “US officials”. Recall Kent’s role as a witness in the failed Trump impeachment, criticizing Giuliani’s “interference” in Ukraine, as Giuliani was there fact-finding?

14/ part 2: audio telephone chats between Pres Poroshenko and US VP Biden, testifying to the facts of international corruption and Treason at the highest state level.

15/ HERE’S the link to listen to Biden and Poroshenko calls in English. During the “Transition” time post Hillary’s loss, They mock Trump, speak of their “reform” activities in Ukraine, (code for the NABU office that apparently COVERED and managed the corruption) , agree Trump cannot be told of the corruption schemes, and plans moving forward. 24:30 start

These NOT “perfect calls”

16/ what came of this Ukrainian prosecutorial investigation on Ukraine’s end?
TREASON charges against ex Pres Poroshenko, based on this evidence.
Dec 2021.

17/ despite being indicted for TREASON? Our western news outlets have Poroshenko on for interviews! and let him speak for Ukraine re policy!

18/ here is @CNN with Poroshenko, armed for battle , saying he’ll hold out “Forever”… what “battle” is he really referring to?

19/ part 3 exposure of the “colossal DemoCorruption network operating both in Ukraine and abroad. This network includes top officials of Ukraine and the USA, diplomats, officials and many others involved in stealing billions of money of Ukrainian and American citizens.” The green heads incl Giuliani and Barr on US side, are the Accusers not those Accused of Corruption.

20/ from the Ukrainian prosecutor’s presser:

“This is the beginning of our work and an incomplete, preliminary map of international corruption compiled jointly with investigative journalists, experts, specialists, investigators and all those who seek to clear the relations of our countries from corruption.

In this table, you can see the full extent of corruption of the Democratic Party in Ukraine over the past 10 years. You can see how everything is interconnected here:”

21/continued… “Through such a massive network, the influence of DemoCorruption and SOROS in Ukraine has reached incredible proportions. It has become a GIANT SQUID that has entangled the government of Ukraine, the political and economic elite, and the law enforcement system.”

22/ “Hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxpayers [funds] are wasted or spent on feeding former diplomats of Ukraine and the USA, professional activists-grant-eaters”.

These brave Ukrainian Prosecutors are laying out the money trail of DemoCorruption , including actual transfers Re the #BidenCrimeFamily.
Via Burisma (Ukrainian co)
Rosemont Seneca (US co)

23/ here’s the full presser . Includes screenshots of money trails, testimony from whistleblowers , and the audio in English of Biden’s weekly shakedown of puppet Poroshenko.

Educate yourself!

24/ follow NABU-LEAKS for updates. These are the TRUE anti corruption warriors in Ukraine, battling NABU, the official “anti-corruption” office that actually FACILITATED the corruption!

Glenn beck has a great tutorial Also!