And I don’t know if I can ever get over that…

You believed others when they told you it was a vaccine that would protect you. I told you it was a gene altering serum that would destroy your immune system. You didn’t believe me. And now???

Athletes Dropping, Record Life Insurance Deaths: On a Clear and Convincing Basis, It’s Because of the Vaccines

The Bradford Hill Criteria for Causality Confirm

Is there a large signal? Yes, an astronomical number of deaths.

Is there a temporal association? Yes. It turns out that 80% of these deaths occur within a week. 50% will occur within a couple of days.

Is it internally consistent? Are there near-misses? Yes. Blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis, and so on.

Is it externally consistent? Yes. Record life insurance deaths and a record number of athletes dying on the field.

Do randomized trials affirm? Yes. More deaths in Pfizer’s vaccine group than in the placebo.”

Dr. Peter McCullough:“On a more probable than not basis, and probably on a clear and convincing basis, the vaccines are causing the death of people who take them.”