The field of information is experiencing an earthquake 

Etana Hecht

Jun 11


We’re in the fog of war. While thousands of Daily Clout and Warroom volunteers are uncovering shocking and disturbing findings in the Pfizer documents, the FDA is in the process of pushing through a 3rd shot for kids, and an authorization to lower the age of COVID-19 Pfizer injections to 6 months. That these 2 events are occurring simultaneously is so bizarre, and so indicative of this moment we’re in. 

Access to Information & Communication 

Society has always had its elites and its plebs, but until a mere couple of decades ago, the citizens were almost completely in the dark regarding what went on behind closed doors. Sure there were always serious journalists who would move heaven and earth to find relevant information and attempt to share it with the world, but in previous generations, they were extremely limited in the scope with which they could both learn and share. The Internet Age has shuffled the battlefield in unprecedented ways.

Previously a journalist was limited to whatever information he could physically get his hands on, and then his reach was limited to the readers of whatever newspaper employed him. The audience was confined to those same limits and had no choice but to rely on career journalists for information and stories about the world. We’re far too early in the age of the internet and social media to have a real understanding of the effects it’s had on humans as a species, but we can appreciate the opportunities it’s given to us as a whole, and individually.

The heroic efforts by Dr. Naomi Wolf of the Daily Clout and Steve Bannon’s Warroom volunteers might one day be widely regarded as the single best example of citizens using the Internet to defend themselves against tyrannical authority figures. Consider what they’ve been able to accomplish, along with other huge warriors in this battle, that would have been literally impossible a mere 20 years ago. There are currently 3,000+ volunteers simultaneously poring through tens of thousands of pages of internal documents of the organization that created and pushed the most rapidly distributed drug in history onto an entire population. That is mind-boggling on so many levels, but it so clearly demonstrates that the Internet is now the battlefield, and for the first time EVER, a significant portion of average citizens have the opportunity and access to take stock of what’s going on and push back. The drug companies and the FDA have used the power of the Internet to spread mass messaging backed by billions of dollars to digitally wire people to line up for their shots.

They’ve never had to encounter the kind of pushback they’re seeing, which is clear by the level of misconduct and fraud in their own documents, alongside their full expectation that their data would be hidden for our lifetimes. Well, I’m here to report that pushback is exactly what they’re getting, thanks to all of you. 

In a recent interview between Dr. Bret Weinstein and Neil Oliver, Dr. Weinstein expressed that he’s pleasantly surprised that the lab leak theory gradually became accepted as likely true in the mainstream, even though months beforehand Big Tech had definitively decided it was not a possibility, and removed those who said otherwise. While the heavy pressure of censorship has been a huge hurdle in this battle for information, we’ve still managed to use the Internet to communicate and learn in “underground media.” Slowly but surely, the underground media is using free speech platforms such as Gettr, Substack and Rumble to chip away at the iron fist that surrounds corporate press, Big Tech, and everyone stuck inside that bubble. 

Where We’re At I share Dr. Wolf’s emotional disbelief that the 23 findings their team has already uncovered are not yet front-page news on the NYT, but I’m hopeful that our side is growing in influence while theirs is rapidly waning. I’m grateful to share some stories and reports that attest to the progress of the work of the underground media as a whole: Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo openly questions the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines, and his health department has come out with a recommendation AGAINST vaccinating children.

A newspaper in Australia reported on SADS – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, as their medical facilities are seeing a surge of young healthy people suddenly dropping dead for seemingly no reason. The article itself is telling, the comments section is gold. The people know what’s up.

Steve Kirsch reports that Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Faro is the president of a giant European pharmaceutical company called PharmaMar. He’s been charged by police for having his vaccination status faked in exchange for money, and he’s not the only one. This story made big headlines in Europe but hasn’t broken through the US media.

TrialSite News reports that a Japanese cardiovascular surgeon is calling for a halt to all Covid boosters due to serious risks. He also acknowledged that vaccine injuries and risks are being heavily censored in the media.

Jimmy Dore, an old school left wing liberal who sees right through the garbage of the current mainstream media has been openly discussing vaccine injuries for months. He himself was vaccine injured last year after his second COVID-19 vaccine and he’s gone through the full gaslighting experience. He reports that for the first time, a vaccine-injured man in Canada has received compensation from the Canadian Govt.

Dr. Robert Malone just reported that 18 members of Congress have sent a letter to the FDA with a series of questions before they approve the vaccine for children. While I’m skeptical of a “strongly worded letter,” as far as I’m aware, this is the most public and largest official pushback to the FDA that we’ve seen from Congress so far. Dr. Malone’s Substack clearly explains the questions included, and it’s a relief to see the questions that have been plaguing us for a year and a half asked in an official capacity, signed by the following representatives:

Call to Action

Dr. Toby Rogers published a fantastic Substack yesterday that breaks down the sheer chutzpah of how the FDA is planning to forge ahead with endless mRNA shots. He dismantled an article in the NYT that praises the insane “Future Framework” plan that proposes fast-track approvals of vaccines without human clinical trials. 

Included in his Substack is a specific call to action that anyone can take to push back.

Jewish Media

I’m closely familiar with the way the media operates in the Orthodox Jewish community. Weekly print media is still a huge business among Orthodox Jews, particularly because we don’t use electronics on Shabbat. A wide variety of magazines and newspapers serve the Jewish community, but, within that variety, the topic of vaccines has been of one mind. For the last year and a half, the main magazines have run full-page ads paid for by the NYC Health Dept urging everyone to vaccinate. Articles and letters submitted for publication that discuss the risks and realities of the Covid vaccines were roundly rejected. 

Well, this week that wall was finally broken. A few months ago, Hamodia newspaper and Binah magazine, mainstream Jewish publications owned by the same person, agreed to begin accepting advertisements from a local heroine named Mrs. Brucha Weisberger about events that she organized featuring doctors and scientists who warned about the Covid vaccines. This week they published a full feature article by Tova Miller about Mrs. Brucha Weisberger, detailing her relentless efforts to organize and educate her community about the Covid-19 vaccines. The article describes the transformation that she’s undergone in the last year and a half, from a quiet private mom to a public warrior. The mere fact that the magazine took the step of publishing this article is a huge win for underground media, Brucha, and everyone who’s been working with her.

Uncharted Territories

While history repeats itself, the circumstances surrounding the cycle of human nature have changed drastically. Never has the playing field of access to information been as level as it is now. Trusting independent journalists and the underground media is a difficult transition for a significant portion of the population to make, but I have confidence that the combination of the perseverance of the pushback battalion and the sheer brazenness of the corporate media lies will reveal the truth, one day at a time.

Bonus: It’s amusing to remember what the Vaccine Regime was saying about the Covid vaccine a mere 2 years ago: