by BioClandestine

The biolabs are the key that unlocks Pandora’s Box. Think about the lengths the Deep State have gone to cover up their biological activity in Ukraine: 

-Zelensky burning all Ukraine State docs associated with Hunter Biden’s biolab company Metabiota as Russia begins airstrikes. 

-Western Media and Big Tech covering up Hunter Biden Laptop story which had details about biological dealings in Ukraine. 

-Western Media and Big Tech heavily censoring and falsely declaring “there are no biolabs in Ukraine”, despite the DoD and high ranking government officials confirming there are 46 of them. 

-All Deep State UN countries vehemently denying all accusations from Russia, dismissing the reality of biolabs in Ukraine and claiming its all Russian disinformation.

-Deep State rats like Romney and Crenshaw calling for treason charges to brought against people for discussing the biolabs, which they alleged was all Russian disinformation.

-Biden and the White House have never addressed Hunter’s Ukraine biolab activity. Never even fielded a question about it. 

In addition to all out cover up mode from the Deep State, I also find it extremely peculiar that as this is the most important topic in global geopolitics, involving the 3 world superpowers and possibly WW3; one would think that TRUMP might have something to say about Russia, China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Gabon, and others, accusing the Democratic Party of the United States creating biological weapons in Ukraine… 

Really, nobody has asked him about it? He hasn’t commented on the fact that Putin just went to war, and accused all of Trump’s top 4 enemies by name, of being genocidal bioterrorists conducting black site bioweapons operations in Ukraine… Does that not seem strange to anyone? 

Surely Trump is aware of the Russian allegations, and the UN hearings, and the war going on. Therefore Trump is consciously NOT talking about the Deep State biological activity. But WHY is he avoiding the Golden opportunity to capitalize on these highly volatile accusations against his political enemies? 

The only reason he would, would be to maintain the illusion of distance from the operation. But don’t let him fool you, Trump knows precisely what’s going on and in all likelihood is facilitating this entire thing. 

While all the Deep State biolabs get cleaned up and all of Trump’s adversaries end up in military tribunals for violating international biological weapons treaties; Trump will appear to be wayyyyyyyy off in the distance, giving off the optics that he played no part in his enemies’ downfall. All of this while Biden was in office, so the libs can’t say it was politically motivated or dictatorial. 

If there is a “plan”, this is it.