Gavin Newsom is now on Truth Social (🤨) and he’s already getting ratio’d to the moon 😂

These numbers are 100% real.

Jordan Sather:

Newsom is apparently on Truth Social now and made his first post.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Newsom joined Truth Social so they could goad people into commenting crazy nasty shit on his post and then write some mainstream media hit pieces based off the most hateful comments they could find. “Look at all the evil on Trump’s platform!”

It’s a good idea to be respectfully disrespectful when clowning on these fools. Don’t be the example they use to make all patriots look like shit heads.

Jordan Sather:

Ah, that’s right. A new task force was announced by the White House just this morning targeting online harassment.

Now we have Newsom on Truth Social later the same day. Yup, totally sounds like it’s a trap to get nasty comments under Newsom’s post to make an example of Truth Social/Trump/MAGA. They probably have Fedbois on Truth Social already making posts about execution and whatnot that the MSM is screenshotting for their hit pieces.