The sound you hear when a puzzle piece fits into place.


Bio Clandestine:

I have been so focused on the present, I have been neglecting the past. I cannot believe it took me this long to piece this final connection together… 

Given what we know now about the biological network in Ukraine facilitated by the DNC, it makes A LOT more sense as to why the Dems in Congress absolutely lost their minds when Trump made a phone call to Ukraine… 

It’s just now dawning on me that reason the House impeached Trump over Ukraine… was to cover up Trump finding out about DNC biological activity in Ukraine, by deterring any further contact. 

As soon as Trump started snooping around in Ukraine and talking about Hunter, the Dems, the media, social media, big tech, launched an all-out assault to impeach Trump over a phone call. Meanwhile the Dems, big corporations, and non-government foundations, all had direct relations with the Ukrainian government to make BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS, to then unleash on the planet, to steal elections and implement globalism under the guise of public health, combined with the largest propaganda/brainwashing campaign in history. Quite the double standard there… 

If Trump was impeached for a nothing burger phone call to Ukraine, what can we expect from Joe Biden for committing crimes against humanity, killing millions, and facilitating a biological weapons network in Ukraine?

Notice how much the enemy squirms when anyone gets close to talking about their biological network? They impeached Trump for inquiring about Ukraine. Media/Big Tech censored the Hunter Laptop story and spread disinformation that the emails of dirty Metabiota dealings weren’t real. They censored me and anyone else who talked about the biolabs and spread disinformation claiming there were no US funded biolabs un Ukraine. They heavily censored any talk of C19 origin talk and labeled anything other than the narrative as “covid disinformation” to prevent sheep from finding out that C19 came from a lab funded by the US. 

They expend so much ammunition to keep this secret, because they know the consequences if it gets out.