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3 part thread on Ukrainian false flags, coming your way.” – Bio Clandestine

1) Russian Military catches Ukraine faking war footage for western propaganda. 

“It has been confirmed that Ukrainian security forces shot videos that purportedly showed damage caused by Russian armed forces to private households, as well as homeless civilians. The video production used more than 40 actors who were paid USD 25 each,” Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev said.

Yet another example as to why we cannot believe a single piece of western media coverage about the ongoings in Ukraine. Ghost of Kyiv, Snake Island, Maternity Ward, fake guns, green screens, media using recycled photos from other war zones in the past, using recycled footage from video games. ALL OF THEM WERE FAKE. If Russia is so evil, and committing endless war crimes, why do they have to keep faking all this stuff? 

With this many lies from the Western media, how can we trust any of what they have said? HOW MUCH of what they reported was fake?

2) Russian MIL have repeatedly and publicly made aware they have no intention of harming civilians, and have consistently defended that they “do not attack civilian infrastructure,” said General Mizintsev. 

Ukrainian Nazi forces have repeatedly and intentionally put military installations and weapons cashes near schools and residential areas, in an attempt to paint Russia’s MIL of committing war-crimes so they can fuel the western propaganda in an attempt to derail global support in Russia’s operation to expose Deep State biological weapons. 

Here is a recent report from Russian Ministry of Defense, pertaining to all of the civilian facilities the Nazis utilize to use civilians as shields:

⚠️ Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian nationalist fighters continue to use of civilian infrastructure for military purposes:

🔹in Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region, AFU and territorial defence units are stationed in school (Shevchenko st.), and military equipment and artillery are deployed in the immediate vicinity of the school;

🔹in Parkhomovka, Kharkov region, soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces and foreign mercenaries are stationed in the building of the cultural centre, while armoured vehicles, artillery and multiple rocket launchers are located on the adjacent territory;

🔹in Nikolaev, Ukrainian nationalists have equipped firing positions on the lower and upper floors of residential buildings (Kosmonautov st.), with an anti-aircraft gun mounted on the roof of one of the buildings. Local residents are forcibly detained in said residences;

🔹in Kramatorsk, Donetsk People’s Republic, nationalists have equipped firing positions and sniper points on the territory of kindergarten No. 93 (Proizdnaya st.), and approaches to the building are mined, but the local population is deliberately not informed about this;

🔹in Odessa, Ukrainian militants have equipped a stronghold in school No 113 (Black Sea Cossacks st.) and placed heavy weapons and equipment in the courtyard;

🔹in Toretsk, Donetsk People’s Republic, AFU servicemen have equipped barracks and firing positions on the territory of the power plant, boarding school (Glinka st.), young technicians’ station (Shakhteher Avenue), school No 2 (Gogol st.) and school No 5 (Liberators of Donbas Street) and a stronghold and weapons storage facilities in a multi-storey residential building (Tereshkova st.). 

▫️Local residents are forbidden to leave their flats, and all attempts by citizens to evacuate to safe areas are severely curtailed.

▫️Such actions by Kiev once again demonstrate an inhuman attitude towards the fate of its own citizens and show a complete disregard for all norms of morality and international humanitarian law. 

❗️The crimes of the Kiev regime are still ignored by the world community and international organizations.


Kiev sends film crew to stage false flag ‘Russian strike’ on civilian homes in Nikolayev

According to Mizintsev, the video is expected to be released later by the Western and Ukrainian media in order to blame the Russian armed forces for indiscriminate strikes against civilian targets

Ukraine Caught Staging False Flag! 

Check out my newest article on Substack for the full breakdown on the newest false flag, as well as reports from Russian Ministry of Defense pertaining to Nazi Ukrainian use of civilian residential areas and schools for military operations. 



If Ukraine falls, the Deep State falls. Putin is gunning for the head of the snake.