Kash Patel announces that he is officially a representative for Donald Trump at the National Archives: “And I am going to march down there – I’ve never told anyone this, because it just happened – and I am going to identify every single document that they blocked from being declassified at the National Archives and we are going to start putting that information out next week.”


👆👆👆Now you can take this one of two ways: 

Kash is just trolling everybody with clueless shit-talking as he enjoys fame and celebrity and wasting people’s time by being an attention whore


something is about to happen with those “classified” documents the Democrats seized that…weren’t really classified any more.  

We’ll see what happens.

Brian Cates


Also, in case you missed it, MJ Truth has an interesting take on Mike Pence and his recent remarks (see my previous post/video about this):

Consider what Patel Patriot is saying and set aside your emotions… critical thinking required…

Everything Pence is saying is in fact 100% correct. Americans are waking up all across the country. 

Not saying that Pence is good, But I may have a different opinion than most…

Consider Space Force— Chris Miller… comments made…

If you’re upset he didn’t send the votes back to the state legislatures on J6 or took a Cabal coin as entry into their club, I think you might be missing the potential maneuver this prevents in the future, where a special president wins for a third time (45) and the VP this time (Harris) cannot send it back either. You also may be missing the good all of this bad is doing in the waking people up process.

Also, how coincidental, millions of Americans got to see that Pence coin exchange from a perfectly placed camera angle. 

To me, J6 served multiple purposes

It showed the strength of MAGA and that We, the people, love our POTUS and we all believed something wasn’t right with the 2020 election….

It nationalized the fact that a VP cannot constitutionally send back the votes. I believe this to be correct and may boomerang (in the future).

Yes, I understand you don’t get to keep the diamonds if stolen…. But guess what? Donald Trump was in Office when the diamonds were stolen…. He predicted, play by play, how it would be stolen long before…. Yet, as POTUS, He allowed it to be stolen?


That is the beauty in all this…Only at the precipice will people find the will to change. 

People are changing….it WILL reflect in the 2022 midterms.


… and finally, this:

Holy smokes Batman 👀 

#KashPatel now an official rep for #POTUS at the National Archives and will ID every document they blocked from being declassified and will start putting it out next week…

“You haven’t seen HLC of it. It’s not over and hasn’t even begun.”

“Every time a document is DECLAS it’s going on http://www.durhamwatch.com”

It wasn’t the “Insurance Plan” the lovers concocted. 

I keep saying, timing is everything. This is a process Fam. 💧💦 🌊 

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