Plot Twist…

Some of the NRA’s biggest donations to Republican senators are the ones who voted YES on Gun Control.

MJTruth posted this. Interesting isn’t it… 👀

What’s odd is this, blue check mark accounts call them out for it…. example graphic 3.

Now, critical thinking is required here….

Is the NRA compromised/infiltrated? Are they pretending to be for gun rights, while really bankrolling the very same people who vote to take away our guns & rights to protect ourselves?

That is not entirely clear…. But we must follow the money…

What I do know is this…. No matter what they do in the senate, it has one more legislative process to go…. I wouldn’t worry about it unless that process has failed.

🧢 Michael 🙏


I asked the NRA on truth social. If you’re on…. Please ReTruth… or ask them yourselves.