Notwithstanding his abject ignorance of facts…

Mike Rothschild claims that the “stolen election industry” began “in 2020 with the QAnon posts,” which he claims were monetized and published during one year. This yutz doesn’t have a clue. Q dropped 5,000 “crumbs” over a three-year period, and the military grade information platform was never “monetized.”

In this clip, the stunningly stupid soyboi gets owned by Rep. Rodney Davis.

Comment from TheStormHasArrived17:

Congress is holding a hearing right now on the role of disinformation in American elections 😂

Get this, their star witness is none other than Mike Rothschild 😂

Here is a part of his opening statement: 

“The seeds of ‘the big lie’ were planted well before the voting itself. They included conspiracy theories about the safety of mail-in voting. Fake mailers & fraudulent robocalls, targeted at communities of color – and a year of drops by the mysterious conspiracy avatar QAnon, offering a mind boggling array of ways that the cabal would steal the election.” 😂

Their leading “expert” on Q doesn’t know that Q was posting for over 3 years?