“So basically he is a little liberal bitch white guy. Wonder if he’s related to the crooked Rothschilds.”

by BioClandestine with a hat tip to TheStormHasArrived17

Those who are unaware of Mike Rothschild, he is a wannabe journalist who spends his time following all of us and writing hit pieces about popular citizen journalists, and claiming all of us are terrorists and conspiracy theorists. 

He also took the liberty of calling me a “loser white guy from MAGA country”, when I initially wrote the biolabs story. Rothschild and the outlets he contributes to have yet to correct anything Rothschild said about me, and are completely okay with their contributor making racist and derogatory comments toward me. 

So when the left brings in this schmutz to prove there was an insurrection on J6, just know that the left are completely out of ammunition 😂 they are losing and they know it. Nobody is buying what they are selling so they bring in a racist soy boy from Canada to convince a bunch of Americans that J6 was worse than Pearl Harbor. 

It’s like they are trying to embarrass themselves on the world stage.