Putin urgently came to the Kremlin, the reason is unknown.

The cortege with Vladimir Putin arrived at the Kremlin at 23:00.




People have been reaching out to me about the video of Putin being rushed to The Kremlin. Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov just publicly refuted the claims that Putin would be giving some sort of emergency speech, but did not refute that he was in fact rushed to The Kremlin. 

Over the past couple of days, Russia has been dealing with an escalating situation with Lithuania, over a railroad blockade of food supply from Kaliningrad to Russian ally Belarus, via the Suwalki Corridor.

 The US are publicly backing Lithuania, and NATO countries are supplying troops all along the Russian border in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. Over the past couple days, Russia has warned repeatedly that if the blockade is not removed, they will have to resort to “non-diplomatic solutions”. 

So is something going on in Russia? Absolutely, and we all should be paying attention. One false step, and this proxy war could turn into something else entirely.