The cancer he has been battling for a long time is taking over.

Dr. Zelenko’s health has taken a very bad turn for the worst and he is a total fight for his life as I post this.  Please pray harder than you ever have before he needs another total miracle from God to save him at this point.

He needs us more than ever and every minute is vital.  Thank you all so much.  

Dr. Zelenko has been a saint and savior to all with his advice on therapeutics that fight and cure Covid. His Telegram channel has attracted 165,202 subscribers. The following is from his channel ZelenkoProtocol.

Kids Z-Stack™

YOUR ALL-IN-ONE IMMUNE BOOSTING SUPER FORMULA… FOR KIDS! • Scientifically formulated for best results • Made in the USA • Kosher Certified • GMP Certified. Dosing: 3-6 years 1 Gummy, 6-9 years 2 Gummies, 9-18 years 3 Gummies. Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated this product to treat or prevent COVID-19. Please see peer reviewed journals, scientific data and clinical trials data for more information. Not medical advice. Each situation is unique and a medical professional should be consulted. Always consult with your physician before using and while using Kids Z-Stack™.

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This is relevant to us soon.  A variant of influenza will be released our way soon.  Flu is more dangerous to kids than covid.  The Flu shots suck.  They have horrible efficacy and worrisome neurological side effects. 

How about boosting your immune system and improving your nutritional status now before the flu arises?  Just a thought.  

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According to peer reviewed papers on the nih server the use of zinc and a zinc Ionophore has antiviral properties against covid and flu

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD

Our courageous founder and leader, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, explains why he created the Zelenko Freedom Foundation and describes the Foundation’s revolutionary vision and mission for the future.

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