There are more than 3500 counties in the US

Q gave Maricopa as a County to watch for voter fraud 

So what do we have today? 👇

Q didn’t just randomly guess the one county in the US to show us election fraud

No coincidence that it’s Arizona and Maricopa are the keys in 2020

So keep that in mind with whatever happens with Kari Lake tomorrow 

There’s always a greater reason at hand

Barack Obama 👀

Maricopa County, Arizona is where it ALL started in finding the fake digital trace creation of Barack Obama’s long form Birth Certificate.

What are the chances Maricopa County was the FIRST eyes on spot in the 2020 Election Fraud, to take Joe Joe Biden down, being the same damn city that unraveled Obama’s illegitimate presidency?

2 high level pieces of occult cabal shit, being taken down in one city

This Matrix is screwed up.

Mathematically IMPOSSIBLE!

No Qoincidences


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We all need to be where President Trump is.