Trump suffered no losses, the Dems just went full Gestapo, and did so unsuccessfully, and now the precedent is established that this is acceptable behavior in the minds of the Left and their sheep. 

Right as Hunter Biden is about to be indicted and Putin and Xi are calling for international military tribunals… 

It’s like we hit the lottery. You shouldn’t be pissed, you should be popping bottles. The crazier shit gets, the closer we get to the finish line. 

The bad optics for Biden have already begun. Trump’s base and normies everywhere are about to be beyond pissed off. 

Tensions rising with Russia and China, now we will be on the brink of civil unrest. We are getting closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. The precipice. 

Also, if anyone believes Trump was unaware this was coming, I have multiple bridges to sell you.

You all think the FBI was planning to raid Trump, and he didn’t catch wind of it? The FBI leaks everything. Trump has a plethora of loyal holdovers in the IC. Trump is working with the US Military and therefore Military Intelligence. His Secret Service detail(s) surely would have had to have been notified. 

Trump 100% knew this was coming.

This smells like a trap.

So it’s been approximately 16 hours. 

The FBI found nothing. Trump’s safe was empty. Trump’s Team knew the FBI were coming. Absolutely nothing negative has happened to Trump. The Biden admin appear as fascist, totalitarian, Gestapo, Orwellian, dictatorial, tyrannical, draconian, etc. 

All net positives for Trump. All the optics are in our favor. The precedent has been established. And the normies just got a massive red pill, widely circulated in US and international media.

It happens every single time 😂


So now the Left are 100% in favor of weaponizing the DOJ/FBI to target political opponents. 


So the FBI are raiding Mar-a-Lago.

My first reaction is, the optics are amazing. Biden appears to have weaponized the FBI and has now gone full-blown fascist dictator, and the Left are celebrating it.

Am I the least bit worried? No. Why? Because everything the DNC do, it always ends up backfiring on them.

Just like with Mueller, the Left are going to cheer for Trump’s exoneration. 

The FBI, won’t find anything, Biden looks like Hitler, and the Trump base is about to fire up.

— Clandestine

“I suppose this sets a precedent and I wonder if people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should be nervous if President Trump ever makes it back into the White House.” 😎

—Kari Lake