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I find the timing of this “new trial” extremely suspect?!

Scot Peterson just happens to also be the name of the security guard in the Parkland High School shooting who claims there were snipers in the woods shooting at the school.

SHERRIFF ISRAEL was in charge of this investigation…..

and I remember somebody saying “we are saving Israel for last” 👀

Is it “just a coincidence” that his case is also headed to trial?!??

And now when you search the Parkland shooting Security guard’s trial, which could possibly expose a CIA/Clinton/Obama link to a school shooting, it’s COMPLETELY BURIED by this psychopath’s NEW TRIAL?!?

After 20 years…..a possible NEW TRIAL?!

I call bullshit.

If you search Sheriff Israel on my channel, you can find my dig on all things Parkland Shooting……..lots of questions remain unanswered on exactly what happened that day.

And I think the DEEP STATE might be worried that Scot Peterson, the security guard accused of doing nothing while children died, is gonna finally give us some answers.

Eyes on SCOT PETERSON, with one “t”.

Misspellings matter. 👀

This is a drop that @kokoroghost & I posted yesterday morning bc we thought it might hold clues on the Mar A Lago Raid…….

The “t” is missing from “the” in Trump’s tweet.

Scot Peterson, the Parkland school security guard, is literally missing a “t” in his name

Again, misspellings matter.

Sure makes you wonder WHAT exactly was in that safe at


I’m thinking it must be something HUGE…..big BOOMS incoming ⚡️🌪