Everywhere except Florida, it seems…

Where out-of-staters are moving in droves to the Sunshine State.

US Pending Home Sales Are Down Most Since 2011 YoY (Ex-COVID) 

  • This is the 8th monthly drop in the last 9, leaving sales down 22.5% YoY.  Aside from the COVID lockdown, this is the biggest YoY drop since April 2011
  • Aside from the COVID lockdown crash, this is the weakest Pending Home Sales Index level since Oct 2011
  • Contract signings decreased in three of four regions, led by a 2.7% drop in the Midwest. Pending home sales rose in the West.
  • Pending home sales are often looked to as a leading indicator of existing-home purchases given properties typically go under contract a month or two before they’re sold.

By Radiopatriot

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    1. Just another thought … it’s a shame most of those companies support or are owned by the DS. I wonder if this situation will diminish their contribution$ to the mid-term Uni-party campaigns …

      I love Game Theory … the Donald is a genius.


  1. Florida still worries me. Florid cannot afford to lose DeSantis with all the blue moving in and now dusting off corrupt Christ to run. Makes me think they have massive plans for fraud. To lose DeSantis, Florida will be destroyed.

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