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“When two scorpions are fighting on the other side of the world without violating a persuasive or demonstrable American interest, it is best to stay out of their way.”

“President Tenpercentsky”


Why Satan, what took you so long?! German BEASTIALITISTS just held a ‘Zoophilia Pride March’ demanding legal protection. One freak bragged: “It’s possible to form a loving sexual relationship WITH ANIMALS — easier to build a relationship than with humans.”

“We have known for sixty years, and perhaps we have always known it, that the collapse of sexual morality is a driver of family breakdown, and that family breakdown, particularly in its form as fatherlessness, is a driver of indifference to the Church, underachievement in school, poverty, and crime.”

Here’s one for the you-couldn’t-make-it-up file: Former Labor Sec. Robert Reich asks if Gov. DeSantis’ last name is ‘officially a synonym for fascist’

Macron warns France of the “End of Abundance”. Germans chop wood for energy and British schoolchildren are told to wear extra layers of clothing. As the West recedes to pre-WWII living conditions, Ukraine returns to normal and the Economist admits “Russia is doing better than even the most upbeat forecasts predicted.”

The lede here isn’t that border police are corrupt. That’s simply a job perk. The buried lede is that even Mexico — Mexico! — defends it’s borders and expels *on the first available return flight* those who have arrived without the proper papers. What a fucking joke.

For those who actually pay the taxes, “there’s no bottomless pit”. And our sociopathic overlords make it clear — ‘embrace the suck, suckers’. For Zelensky’s OLIGARCHS, it’s all “our support for Ukraine is for the long term” and “whatever it takes”. While to us our sociopathic overlords repeat — ‘embrace the suck’.

YOUR tax dollars donated to Zelensky are going to support the army — an army of assorted PR consultants, hacks and grifters who are being engaged in the battle of lobbing ordinances of propaganda on YOU, the taxpayers who pay for it all. It’s all so IN YOUR FACE. Nice work, sociopathic overlords.

Ukrainians at the beach. Open air rock concerts at Mariupol. Opera, ballet and theatres reopened. And this year’s soccer season has just kicked off at Kiev’s Olympic Stadium. And Brandon pledges a surprise $3bn, in order to “reassure Ukrainian officials that the United States intends to keep up its support.”

The performance continues: US Embassy tells Americans to leave Ukraine — as the soccer season starts.

A former member of the Russian parliament by the name of Ilya Ponomarev has claimed that the car bomb was planted by the “National Republican Army” — an underground group working inside Russia dedicated to overthrowing Putin. Exactly the sort of organisation the CIA works through on the ground.

(Quoting Bannon) “Mr President— if this is true then why did the people are around you convince you to endorse so many horrible losers that support McConnell and not MAGA and certainly not YOU — Crapo , Boozman, Moran—- all three could have and should have been primaried by Trump endorsed MAGA candidates…but they were not …and did you get an ironclad commitment from your Senate endorsements to VOTE AGAINST MCCONNELL FOR LEADER ….if you didn’t all the name calling of McConnell is for naught”

“Whoever is behind the Dugin car bomb does not want to see Ukraine and Russia at peace. A tit-for-tat escalatory exchange of violence is now somewhat inevitable. Putin can’t afford to look weak — not so much in front of Zelensky but in front of his own rivals for power. So my take away is that whoever ordered the bomb wanted to make peace between Russia and Ukraine even more difficult. “Cui prodest”?!

Leftwing website publishes exposé detailing breathtaking corruption involving western-donated aid

JFK said he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”.

Sadly, it was JFK’s brain that was splintered and scattered.

So I guess that was CIA 1, JFK 0.

May I invite everybody to read (or re-read) President Harry S Truman’s letter published in the Washington Post the very month after JFK was assassinated.

Truman created the CIA, but warned in this 1963 letter that the CIA “has been diverted from its original [intelligence gathering] assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government.”

Given the context, one can perhaps argue that Truman’s language was a little moderate — but perhaps he wanted to die of old age…

President Zelensky now admits he concealed U.S. warnings that Russia planned to invade so people wouldn’t flee: “Some left, but most stayed here, they fought for their homes. And as cynical as it may sound, those are the people who stopped everything.” This has triggered a cascade of criticism unprecedented since the war began, with public figures stating Zelensky bears some responsibility for the atrocities that followed.

“There is no chance of Ms Cheney splitting the party; the schism which anti-Trump establishment types promised looks even less likely today. Her approval rating among Republicans is a remarkable minus 52 points.” *MAGA has now taken control of the steering wheel.*

I sat down for a great interview with @JennyeHolland at @EpochTimes: “Instead of the welfare of the working class, Democrats started going on about unisex bathrooms and pronouns and drag queen story hour. Well, tell me how that’s going to help the guy working in the factory or his wife who works two jobs?”

Not the FBI that really needs to be abolished — but the CIA. So let’s scrap them both in 2024.