I’ve discovered another “must read” channel on Telegram. Wikileaks Files. Below you’ll see why it’s being bumped up to my Top Ten list.


On February 24th 1999, the Country of Ukraine signed a ban on the use of anti-personnel landmines.

It was known as the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, and was signed internationally by countries who recognized their use against populations as a war crime.

So a good question for international investigative bodies to ask them, is why they are poisoning the Ukrainian countryside with Mon-50 and 90 directional mines, OZM-72 bounding fragmentations mines, and a whole host of PMN-1 and 2’s.

These are not in the same class of weapon as TM-62’s or anti-vehicle mines. These are specifically set to poison the landscape for decades and decades. 

The act of using a victim-triggered explosive devices is a heinous war crime. They end up being triggered by children decades later unwittingly.

To be clear: CIA trained forces have been setting these devices, and teaching other hired mercenary groups to set them as well.

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They want you DIVIDED!

They call us names.

They make threats.

They censor.

They lie.

They project.

They cheat.

They steal.

They harm.

They are sick.

They are evil.

At some point the streets (for them) will not be safe.


Remember, ‘conspiracy’ friends, LARPS have access to a full stock of ‘original’ surveillance photos.

Nothing to see here.


Nothing to see here.

Enjoy the show.


Future proves past.

News unlocks.


So we have the names of the people who donated to the Trucker’s Convoy, but not the names of Ghislaine Maxwell’s customers?

The CIA has run secret mind-control experiments and massive psychotronic harassment campaigns against dissenters and whistle-blowers.

Joe and Hunter Biden aboard a military aircraft in a photo from Hunter’s laptop. 

Hunter Biden is already facing a sprawling federal probe into his tax filings and business dealings around the world.

Furthermore, Big Tech leaders who participated in censoring the truth should answer to Congress and the American people in sworn testimony.

This is why they killed him.  He was dropping truth bombs and they can’t afford to have that.


Watch for more to come.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Update on Ukraine:
    According to Scott Ritter, Ukraine lost the war in May at Mariupol. The Russians have had a casualty ratio of 1 : 20-30. View from 7:00 – 15:00 Discussing Ukraine. Glenn Diesen interviews Scott Ritter and Alexander Mercouris – YouTube
    Biden will send another $3 billion package of military hardware to Ukraine.

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