Joe Lange is carrying on…

“Here’s a possibility too even though my theory is different.

I believe the election will be overturned before the midterms but what if I’m wrong?

What if they are going to include evidence of fraud from the midterms too in order to bolster their claims of coordinated fraud in every election.

I don’t believe that’s what will happen as I said because I believe it is all overturned before the midterms.

It would take even longer to gather evidence after the midterms. They would need audits and canvassing like they’ve been doing for 2020

…the evidence that has been revealed, all within a span of a month is incredible.

2000 mules, the Pit and Lindell.

This is hard factual evidence being shown to the people for a reason.

I think it’s all timed and I’m curious what big evidence gets revealed to the public next

It is incredible.

This plan has so many moving parts.

It is going to make an incredible movie and book someday but how could anybody possibly put the whole story in a two hour movie or one book?

I think history books will tell the story and my bet is PP (Patel Patriot) writes a great book on the subject when this is all done

We are in unprecedented times.

We can’t compare much of anything happening to the past.

All that has to happen is the evidence be introduced into a courtroom.

From there the story will take on a life of it’s own and the courts will act swiftly because of the gravity of an act of war.

Not just fraud.

We’re using the Counterinsurgency manual strategy to turn the population against the insurgency.

80% of what Trump says is for the normies that’s why you can’t take everything he says literally.

Remember also, he’s said the SC has yet to see the evidence and when they do they will have a big decision to make.