From The Colonel’s Corner:


Debra Steidel Wall became Acting Archivist of the United States on 1 May 2022. She has served as Deputy Archivist of the United States since July 2011, and previously served as the agency’s Chief of Staff (2008-2011). 

Debra joined NARA in 1991 as an archivist trainee and holds an undergraduate degree in history and government from Georgetown University, and a graduate degree in film from the American University. 

Dem Carolyn Maloney wrote a letter to NARA dated 6 Jun 2022: 

-Accused Pres Trump of not disclosing all gifts from foreign countries because without a formal disclosure from the WH, State Department Protocol (and by default NARA) doesn’t know where gifts came from or the monetary value of the gifts received in 2020. The memo indicates that someone from the State department accused Trump Admin of leaving the State Dept vault in “disarray”. Footnotes reveal a briefing on May 9th, during which, Office of Chief of Protocol, DoS, Staff, Committee of Oversight and Reform met and went over this information (in other words, State Dept Protocol, immediately after new NARA chief assumes duties meets with the democrats, who in turn, writes this memo to NARA and started the entire thing).

-it alleges “concern of undue influence” from foreign governments which may have put US national security at risk along with foreign policy concerns

-potential violations of the emoluments clause which prohibits a president from obtaining benefits from a foreign government. Footnotes on this item is a statement released on the sale of the Trump Hotel in DC from (guess who? Yes the author of this memo) Chairwoman Maloney dated 11 May 2022.

-On 11 Apr 2022 DoS revealed it could not account for foreign gifts of Trump Admin during last year in office because the State Dept’s Chief of Protocol failed to request a listing of foreign gifts received in 2020 from the White House and can no longer do it. Supposedly, the Protocol office has since tried to collect the info but has confirmed they can’t. (In other words, the State Dept set up the Trump Admin by not doing their job so NARA, State and Democrats refer Trump personally for them not doing their job, welcome to DC swamp.)

The letter then reemphasizes that on 9 May 2022 the State Dept’s Chief of Protocol meets with the committee to inform them of the process and the serious deficiencies in the process during the Trump Admin. Let me say this again, the serious deficiency they are referring to is the protocol office NOT DOING THEIR JOB. But according to Protocol the Trump Admin (they were the Trump admin) didn’t take the requirement seriously. 

Keep in mind that people from the State Department travel everywhere with the President. They are at every event where gifts are exchanged. There is absolutely no reason why the Protocol Office would need to “task” the White House for a list of gifts. Let me explain, Protocol offices are responsible for coordinating ahead of time exactly what gifts will be exchanged so there isn’t an embarrassing differences in the gifts. At the beginning of every new official’s term, Protocol works with the dignitary on a list of approved gifts. Protocol knows the laws and exactly what’s acceptable and what’s not, not the official. Once the gifts are selected, Protocol acquires the gifts, arranges for them to accompany the official on a prearranged basis and manages the “vault”. They are responsible for setting up the actual ceremony where the gifts are exchanged. So what this Protocol office has done is said we didn’t do our job, but hey let’s blame Trump PERSONALLY and refer him to DOJ. Is that really the basis for destroying a political opponent?

In closing, Ms Maloney proves my point by listing several of the gifts she alleges were missing from the State Dept Protocol list.