Happy Sunday Patriots 🇺🇸

For those who are new to the Great Awakening, I thought I’d provide a quick rundown of a few of the key figures that you will see posted on my channel and many others frequently. This by no means is a complete list, but just some of the current faces we see leading the charge: 

Devin Nunes: CEO of TMTG. Former Congressmen, now in charge of Truth Social. The need for an open internet so we can communicate is essential in this infowar, and Devin is leading that charge. A patriot of the highest order. 

Kash Patel: “A name to remember.” Quick-witted MAGA superstar. As a former federal prosecutor, Kash is in charge of walking us through how the different branches of the government operate – and much more. Durham specialist. 

General Flynn: “The People’s General.” Three Star General with 33 years of military service under his belt. Worked in the Obama admin & Trump admin. Was targeted by the deep state to keep their secrets hidden. Currently works his ass off encouraging WE THE PEOPLE to rise up and take action. Local action = National Impact. 

MTG: Probably our biggest asset in Congress who represents the MAGA/America First movement whole-heartedly. After November, we will have many representatives in Congress with the mindset of MTG. America First. 

Kari Lake: President Trump’s chosen Governor (AZ), who will show the world that power resides at the state level, not the federal government. Many refer to Kari as the female version of Trump. DJT once said that Kari Lake will be the greatest governor in the United States (Sorry Ron 🙂). 

Liz Harrington: Official spokesperson for President Trump. Hard-hitting badass who can publicly convey DJT’s sentiment to the American people. She is a savage, in a good way.