Mount Weather serves as the Executive Branch CoG location.

Houses a parallel “government-in-waiting”, duplicating the function of the Executive Branch.

Rockbridge Network.

I knew I’d heard this term before.

Governance and Integration of Federal Mission Resilience

Search, browse and learn about the Federal Register. Federal Register 2.0 is the unofficial daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents.

Federal Mission Resilience Strategy

“To achieve this policy, in conjunction with this order, I am signing the Federal Mission Resilience Strategy (Strategy), which should be implemented to increase the resilience of the executive branch. Implementing the Strategy will reduce the current reliance on reactive relocation of personnel and enhance a proactive posture that minimizes disruption, distributes risk to the performance of NEFs, and maximizes the cost-effectiveness of actions that ensure continuity of operations, continuity of government, and enduring constitutional government.

It’s only pertaining to the Executive Branch & EOP:

“Executive departments and agencies (agencies), including the Executive Office of the President, must maintain the capability and capacity to continuously perform National Essential Functions (NEFs)…”

Did Trump used their post-9/11 Continuity of Govt plans against them?

Flipped them and did his own *constitutional* devolution-type thing to make sure they couldn’t keep their shadow govt in play forever? 

No wonder he hates Liz Cheney so much! 😂 (and vice versa) 

Papa Cheney had a huge part in starting all the BS

Do you think that Mike (Lindell) will get this protective order lifted?  Is it only to be lifted for his law suit?

I do. Sure hope so.

I also think we might see a raid at Bedminster. Mike Lindell’s “slip” seemed intentional to me.

I watched it 3 times & even slowed it down. When Kurt Olsen came out, he whispered something to Mike….I think he might have told him to “accidentally” get Bedminster narrative out.

Bc if that’s where the PCAPS are being held, that would make them legally admissible in any ongoing investigation, right?

And as a bonus, it would be further proof to moderates that the DOJ is politicized.

“That’s what I look at, not what he SAYS, but what has that man DONE.”

~ Robert Kiyosaki

As we watch the dismantling of the Old Guard, don’t just listen to their words, pay close attention their ACTIONS.

Discernment gets a little easier on who is working for the good of our country when I watch what they do, instead of just listening to what they say.


So SR187 (Seth Rich murder) ties to SR/Imran Awan/DNC hack.

Which ties to Muslim Brotherhood, Huma, Imran Awan & Obama.

Which ties to Seth Rich murder.

Which ties to Killary & DNC.

Which ties to DARK CIA voting hack.

Which ties back to Obama.

Which ties Obama & Hillary directly back to being set up by China via an alliance established by Trump?

And now Dennis Montgomery & Mike Lindell enter the stage.

Along with Trump Raid….& PCAPS.

Which all directly tie to TrueTheVote, THE MACHINES & CHINA!

Which could possibly be ALL WRAPPED UP & tied with a big ‘ol bow and presented to SCOTUS via Shadow Docket by HUBER, DURHAM, DOUG COLLINS & whoever else has been secretly investigating & rolling out indictments over the past few years……time will tell. 🎁

For those who missed Lindell’s Truth Summit, here’s my looooong summary. 😬

Lindell & team told us that, unbeknownst to those cheating, they discovered they didn’t even really need access to the machines to catch them flipping votes

They could legally request & access the PCAPS. So the Dems kept cheating throughout the recent PRIMARIES (bc they’re incredibly stupid)……but this time, they had legal foreknowledge, so watched it real time & got PCAPS as proof.

Anyone can request PCAPS from any county in any state.

So it seems that’s what their team has individuals across the country doing right now, collecting PCAPS.

My opinion is that the Dems cheated in corrupt counties during the Primaries, which is why it temporarily looked like the MAGA candidate might lose.

Seems to me that they immediately took the claim to whomever was involved (in lots of cases a RINO Republican that Dems wanted on the ticket), & gave them a choice of conceding their loss, or having how they won exposed.

And THAT is why we are now winning.

Now the Dems realize we tracked it in the primaries, & we will do that & MORE in November.


Meanwhile, we must VOTE like our lives depend on it & get back the house & Senate.

Then comes all The Pit & TTV data & research for hearings & possible SCOTUS case.

THEN we will get rid of these machines for good!

Lindell is being attacked….which means he’s directly over the target 🎯

Mike Lindell servers under attack

Pence plays the blackhat 

Lindell plays the martyred

Trump plays the persecuted 

Bannon plays the siren 

Patel plays the knowledgeable one 

Pompeo plays the diplomat, 

Grenell plays the Twitter Troll, 

Scavino plays the messenger, 

Nunes plays the Truther

Durham is the punisher


Brian Cates:

Is this how they made the corrupt RINO establishment in AZ blink and then back off their intended theft of the primaries to stop Kari Lake, Mark Finchem and Abe Hamadeh?  

Is this why True The Vote was active and operating in AZ in the weeks leading up to the AZ primaries?  

Did they contact the GOP RINO establishment in Maricopa and other counties and rub their faces in it?  

Were Maricopa and Pima and other county election corrupticrats contacted and told something along the lines of “We’re legally recording all the PCAP election data in real time.  You better stop the cheating NOW or we’ll fully expose you.” ?