by Karma Patriot

I have a new theory based on Referendum.

While running my thoughts by @mrbrightside01 last night, he pointed me in the direction of his handy dandy pocket Constitution & the wise words of George Washington.

Went searching & found Washington’s Farewell Speech. He foresaw exactly what we are experiencing right now; infIltration, government overreach & division.

He warned that our political safety & prosperity rests on one thing…….


This country cannot move forward with any type of government until we choose as a Nation that is United.

In order to build towards that UNITY, we must set parties aside & choose a leader.

A Nationwide Referendum vote, free of any domestic or foreign interference, would allow a single choice, yes or no, on a single issue: Donald Trump as President.

I’m researching & beginning to see a Constitutional path. 

I’ll follow up with details, but my theory is that Trump will be chosen for a new 4 year term as the 47th President in a Referendum.

And sooner than we think 😉

–Karma Patriot

The Election Assistance Commission is an Obama created & Obama appointed Federal Agency.

They control what voting systems, software & machines are even an option for States to choose for elections.

They choose it.

They certify it.

They distribute the funds to buy it.

They audit it.

They monitor it.

So while everyone is looking at China, Russia, CIA, FBI, DHS, FEC & every other foreign country & Federal Agency under the sun……it seems to me that the “elephant in the room” is the EAC.

In late 2019, the EAC hired Jessica Bowers and made her responsible for the federal certification of voting systems.  Her previous employer?  Dominion Voting Systems.