Did you notice?

Mueller, Mueller, Mueller

Only one drop where Mueller appears 3x in a row with nothing in between vertically.

Just Human and Stormy Patriot Joe have me wondering… what does this mean?

And then there’s this observation from Just Human:

Trump bringing up Ohr. 


I got this feeling…


Morrison Foerster is an international law firm with lawyers practicing throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe. Click to discover more.

The website for Thibault’s lawyers is…


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  1. Hmmm … So is Thibault part of the game theory? Does ‘kayfabe’ apply here? 5th dimension chess?

    I found it interesting that the focus on Thibault seemed to appear at the ‘right time’.

    Will this make the swamp / DS ‘look here, not there’?

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