Just Human (Kyle):

People keep asking me to look into what Ivan Raiklin is saying about Pence and Durham.

Honestly folks, I don’t consider this worth my time, because:

a) I’ve looked into Pence myself.

I’ve done my own research and reached my own conclusions. Many times I have shared them with you. I am sufficiently confident in my own work to not feel the need to constantly reassess.

b) In my view, attacks on Pence are by extension attacks on Trump.

Take a look at the people who regularly attack Pence. Ever notice that they are the same ones who attack others in Trump’s Admin and then go on to talk about how Trump didn’t know what he was doing in his first term? Often, they will then argue that Trump shouldn’t run again in 2024. 

c) Black pilling on Durham is ignorant, to put it politely. Or. an op to drive down morale.

Other folks feel differently, I’m sure, and that’s fine.

All of us should do our own research, reach our own conclusions, and share them with others as we are inclined to do so.

BELOW: Some #DrainTheSwamp news from the past week or so.

ConInc (Fox News) and MSM are not going to report on this stuff. Gotta dig it up and disseminate it ourselves. WE must be the news now.

Former US Congressman from California arrested, charged with fraud

…”A former congressman from California was charged with multiple fraud schemes, the Justice Department announced Tuesday.

Terrence John “TJ” Cox, 59, is charged with 15 counts of wire fraud, 11 counts of money laundering, one count of financial institution fraud and one count of campaign contribution fraud, according to the Justice Department.

Cox was elected as a Democrat in California’s 21st Congressional District…in 2018…lost re-election in 2020.”

Former Tennessee Speaker Casada arrested in corruption probe

Tennessee’s disgraced former House Speaker Glen Casada and his top aide were arrested Tuesday on federal charges including bribery, kickbacks and conspiracy

Their indictments come months after Republican Rep. Robin Smith abruptly resigned when faced with federal wire fraud charges involving Casada…

FBI agents arrested Casada and his former Chief of Staff Cade Cothren at their homes Tuesday morning.”

Former St. Louis Alderman John Collins-Muhammad pleads guilty in bribery scheme

…”John Collins-Muhammad, one of three former St. Louis City Board of Aldermen members indicted in a bribery scheme, pleaded guilty Tuesday to all federal charges.

Collins, along with former Aldermanic President Lewis Reed and former Alderman Jeffrey Boyd, was indicted in June in a federal pay-to-play scandal. More pleas are expected soon from Reed and Boyd.”

Ten MS-13 Gang Members Indicted on Murder and Racketeering Charges

A federal grand jury in the Southern District of Texas returned an indictment yesterday charging 10 alleged MS-13 gang members with crimes including racketeering conspiracy, murder, attempted murder,

The War on MS-13, which was declared and initiated by President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr, continues.


Former Senior Executive of Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty to Tax

A former senior executive for a defense contractor pleaded guilty today to tax evasion.


President and Treasurer of Super PAC Sentenced for Dark Money Scheme

The president and treasurer of a Super PAC was sentenced today to 14 months in prison for scheming to lie to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) about the true identities of donors.


Queens Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Provide Material Support to

Awais Chudhary, 22, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Pakistan and residing in Queens, pleaded guilty today in federal court in Brooklyn to attempting to provide material support to the Islamic

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Algor, of Durham’s SCO, gets a win.