Part 1

On October 28th, 2017 at 15:44:28 something very unique and extraordinary happened. Q posted for the first time on /pol/ 4chan. At the time, the majority of Americans were blind to our government’s Deep State system. Consumed with the Mockingbird media, the Deep State’s tactics were in full swing and working against the American people. It is important to point out that contrary to what the media may say, Q is NOT a cult nor our savior. Neither is Trump. Let’s look at the definition of a Cult: 

A cult is most often referred to as an organized group or solitary person whose purpose is to dominate other cult members through psychological manipulation and pressure strategies. According to the Cult Education Institute, there are specific warning signs to look out for when considering whether a group might be a cult. Cults are characterized by:

1. Absolute authoritarianism without accountability

2. Zero tolerance for criticism or questions

3. Lack of meaningful financial disclosure regarding budget

4. Unreasonable fears about the outside world that often involve evil conspiracies and persecutions

5. A belief that former followers are always wrong for leaving and there is never a legitimate reason for anyone else to leave

6. Abuse of members

7. Records, books, articles, or programs documenting the abuses of the leader or group

8. Followers feeling they are never able to be “good enough”

9. A belief that the leader is right at all times

10. A belief that the leader is the exclusive means of knowing “truth” or giving validation.

Does this sound like Q to you? Q has stated many times to question “trusted” sources, to trust and have faith in yourself, to find time to research, discern facts vs. fiction, and of course “be careful who you follow”. These phrases and statements do not sound like they align with the terms of a cult leader as listed above. Quite the opposite, they resonate more with the power of free thinking, the use of discernment to filter through the noise and to decide for yourself what is reality, and what is deception.

Through our research, it has becoming increasingly obvious that those behind Q are one in the same with those standing behind and alongside Donald Trump. They are Patriots, who love this great nation and want nothing more than to see it flourish. Q awakened our need to seek out truth while reminding us who we are – Americans. Over party, race, religion, sexuality and culture. We are Americans first, uniquely protected by the Constitution. To be an American is to uphold the ability to protect the rights and freedoms of ALL human life. No matter what you believe in, where you live, where you come from, how much money you make and how you live your life.

Before Trump and Q came into the picture, we had collectively forgotten who we were. By design. We all forgot how to play, forgot to use our God given rights and the powers awarded to us by the Constitution. Many of us were in very dark places, meandering through the matrix that the Deep State built around us, a comfort lulling us to sleep. This comment from an anon and Q’s response in post 51 is a great example of this former state of mind.

This was Q’s response, notice who signed it at the bottom.

In our previous parts of this series, we presented our research into the evolution of our enemy, the Deep State. Nearly one century in the making. Looking back through the Q posts with the knowledge we’ve gained during our dissection of how the Deep State warped and mutated into the President King, we are provided with new clues and new understanding. The first 100 Q posts now appear to serve as a sort of “Preparation of the Battlefield”, outlining previous moves and countermoves made by both the Patriots, and the Deep State prior to Q’s inception, and setting the stage by way of asking a myriad of meaningful, research-prompting questions that upon finding the answers, could help us understand what type of war we are in and what type of game we are playing. Q does all of this while also reminding us who we are and the power we hold. Reinforcing patriotism, freedom, liberty, nationalism and our faith – the very foundations of this great nation. 

Q’s mission is to provide valuable tools needed to wake us up out of the matrix, and use all of our senses to understand that we have been fooled. And to provide clues and hints on the mission set forth to reverse over 83 years of Deep State concepts, policies and doctrine. Q empowered us with information that the Deep State was hiding from us. Anons, independent researchers and citizen journalists only need open source information to see. Q provided us the springboard on where to look. In essence, Q empowered the greatest untapped asset that America has for her survival, We the People. The Deep State has divided us through fear and war. Q countered those moves with logical thinking to unite us with understanding and peace. Some cult, huh?

Throughout the past few years many of us have grown impatient, expecting events and counterattacks to unfold and move forward much more rapidly, than what we have witnessed as bystanders enjoying the show. It is only recently that we have become active players, realizing that WE are the untapped resource needed to win this war. And once each of us awakened to that reality on our own terms, however long that took, we are able to see that things are in fact moving very fast if you consider the grand scheme of it all. For a moment, take a pause from this article, close your eyes and reflect on your frame of mind, and understanding of reality prior to Trump coming into office, prior to Q. Reflect on how many years you’ve been awake, how many years you’ve been alive, and how many years our enemy has been slowly infiltrating and infecting this country. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? “It had to be this way.” The task of reversing the Deep State’s attacks on this great nation is slow and meticulous. This must be in the forefront of your minds, always. If you are to understand Trumps actions and policies, you must understand the history of the evil that he is fighting.

In our previous part “Shall We Play a Game” we covered the basic concepts of Game Theory as it relates to Q. But Patriots, please understand that Q isn’t just one dimensional, there are many aspects of Q’s purpose and intent. Game Theory was just one aspect. Furthermore, Q wasn’t just talking to one group. Q was talking to three:

  • Anons
  • Military Intelligence
  • The Deep State 

The same tactics that our enemy has been using against us, Q used against them. Division and fear. We’d like to now present you with examples of how Trump and the Patriots used Q as a crucial tool to help them accomplish their goals. Also, we are going to show you a very unique use of how the Q clock might explain the use of Game Theory in a way that you likely have never seen before, something we uncovered while researching. So please grab some popcorn and settle in.


Anons have played and continue to play a crucial role in this battle. Q chose the Deplorables lurking on the boards because Q knew just how detailed and thorough these digital savants were at dissecting and analyzing every last corner of the internet. Internet Knob Turners if you will. Anons are unique in our ability to present our findings, evidence and research in a way that eliminates the messenger and allows the information to merely just exist on its own. A presentation without idolizing the presenter. This type of ego removal was and is still a crucial aspect for the Q operation. Removing the operators from the equation and just relying on the information. A way of relaying Actionable Intelligence. This comes with its disadvantages as well of course, leaving the door open for bad actors and saboteurs to blend in and muddy the waters. 

4chan allowed a community to flourish without censorship of any kind. A community where topics can be discussed freely without the fear of retribution and exposure to who put forth the information. While this allows empowered citizens to freely speak their mind, it also allows for abhorrent and disgusting behavior to exist as well. When we say zero censorship, we truly mean absolutely ZERO censorship, (you DO NOT want to know what exists on some of the boards.) There are some people who will argue that this way of exploring and presenting information anonymously is nefarious or deceptive. And they are right, it can be those things. But remaining anonymous is crucial when exploring controversial political ideas. Especially when it is related to corruption and crimes against humanity from a political establishment with so much power, that it could crush anyone it deemed its enemy faster than we can even finish typing this sentence. These mob style personal attacks based on presenting factual information that we have all seen, and have maybe even experienced ourselves, are the shocking and eye opening reality to the dangers of this war. 

We have witnessed these attacks ourselves in our short existence. The personal attacks on the presenter of information, rather than the information itself is extremely uncomfortable. We tried avoiding that unfortunate side effect of this information war by removing ourselves as the presenters entirely and replacing our names with one single author, 17SOG. It didn’t work. Somewhere along the line, anons and independent researchers have forgotten that presenting anonymous information, forces the reader to decide for themselves whether or not the information is fact, or fiction. You cannot rely on the validity of the presenter, which is why Q taught us how crucial research, discernment and having trust in ourselves is absolutely crucial. 

Q knew this would happen, and was why 4chan and anons were chosen for the mission in this information war. Digital Soldiers. Force Multipliers. One of the most important missions of the United States Special Operation Command (SOCOM) is to train foreign nations. To blend and merge into their allied foreign military counterparts. Befriend them and gain their trust so that they can be trained to be elite warriors themselves. Eight special forces operators can create thousands of highly trained and highly effective fighters. “Less than 10” people with the ability to count the full picture on two hands trained thousands of anons, those thousands of anons created tens of millions of Digital Soldiers, Force Multipliers. Together we are strong.

Without this unique ability of Q, that group of “less than 10” would have never been able to get the truth out as they have. Even with the obstacle of facing fierce opposition from the alphabet agencies, Q and anons have been successful. We the People are now collectively more awake than we have ever been in our nation’s history. And we continue to wake up more and more each day. Empowered with knowledge and information Q and anons have taught us, we question everything, seek out the truth, and pay careful attention to who we follow. With strategic care and attention to detail, the digital soldiers created by this mission have rendered the establishment media and mainstream news utterly useless. They cannot keep up with us. 

If patriotic citizens all over the world want to continue on this path, we all need to set aside time for our own research. Set aside ten to twenty minutes a day to research and validate the content we are watching. We need to continue questioning information, challenge narratives, and remain proactive observers of the world around us. We need to allow theories and points of view to be argued, without fear of personal attacks. And we need to remain vigilant to potential gatekeepers, and reactions to new, opposing viewpoints. We leave no one behind and we all play a part in this war, and we all should be able to re-assess our personal viewpoints as new information unfolds. Lest we become no better than our enemies.

Military Intelligence

The silent operators behind Q are an element of Military Intelligence at the highest, most Top Secret level. We will go into more detail on who we believe these operators are in a later chapter. As you have read in our previous parts, the 3-letter agencies created unto the Executive branch are part of the less than noble court of the President-King. So how do We the People bypass those powerful agencies? And what department is still loyal to this country, and swears an oath to serve the people and the Constitution? The military. 

We are going to describe the military’s role in detail in our future part, The President’s Army. What’s important to understand about Military Intelligence is the capability that it holds. It has more manpower, training, funding, experience and sophistication than any other intelligence apparatus in the world. The military is the largest expense of our tax dollars. It is compartmentalized, shielded, in some cases operates under complete secrecy, and has many safeguards to combat corruption within its ranks. 

Q has mentioned the military is the only way. But this doesn’t mean that the military is going to storm in with tanks, overtly take over the government and arrest all the bad actors. That is not its role constitutionally. However there are elements of Military Intelligence that can be used to gather information, and counter Deep State propaganda. This was Q’s role. As you will see in The President’s Army chapter of this series, the sophistication, longevity and experience that Military Intelligence has is virtually limitless. Q’s role was to empower We the People with information. Because it is We the People who run this great nation. 

Q as military operation, gave anons the tools required to seek out the information that was needed for understanding our enemy. Anons in turn shared their findings by way of podcasts, articles, posts and memes. Through simply sharing and discussing these simple yet effective tactics, anons have been able to educate the masses. This trickle-down style of operation is common within the military. Q used simple techniques for a very complicated operation, to take down the Deep State.

The Deep State

By way of both rudimentary tactics and sophisticated Game Theory maneuvers, Q consistently taunted and pushed the our enemy. This was done purposefully and with the intent to force moves, reaction, fear, and to cause mistakes. It has been extremely effective in this regard. Knowing that your opponent is an entity serving their own self interests makes it relatively easy for the military to know whether the Deep State will make a play to immediately benefit themselves, or to pass on a play that might cost them in the short term, but pay off later. It is likely that our selfish opponent will almost always choose instant gratification. 

The Deep State uses fear, secrecy and propaganda to divide us. Q countered that by using encouragement, logic and empowerment through knowledge. Now it is the Deep State that is divided, and on the run. This was largely done in part because of the strategy of using their weapon against them, to divide THEM and unite US. Can you see the mission now? Again we ask you to take a moment, close your eyes and imagine where you were prior to Trump taking office, what you knew then and what you know now. And now think of all of the resources over that period of time that got you to where you are today. This is and was Q’s mission. A military operation.

Continued in Part 2