After years of being ostracized, discriminated, and publicly shamed, the ultimate vengeance is getting to tell all those people “you’re welcome”.


Midnight Rider Channel 🇺🇸:

This is the NYT! “Mr. Trump’s unprecedented assault on the integrity of American democracy requires a criminal investigation.” 


“Go ahead NYT’s. Establish the narrative to your sheep that holding past presidents accountable is encouraged 😂 PLEASE take that bait.

As all things do, they end up boomeranging in Trump’s favor. We’ve seen this movie before.

The Left are being conditioned to support their upcoming demise. So when the full powers of the government are turned on them, they can’t cry foul.”

The FBI blatantly interfered in the 2020 election, acted in an Orwellian/Fascist manner, controlling private enterprise to circumvent the Constitution and run cover for Biden and the DNC.

Treason, Sedition, etc.

But what I’m interested in, is the possibility of a recall/special election.

How hard would it be to slap Trump and Biden’s name on the midterm ballot?

From my understanding, there is no legal precedent or amendment for recall of Presidential election.


DJT hinting that we need to have a new Election immediately 👀

Fake News is starting to pick up Trump’s call for a new Election.

Thanks for getting the word out guys! 👊🏼🥰

☝️☝️☝️ Watch The Streisand Effect go to work over the next week. 

By the time the Fake News realizes a new election to get rid of JOE DEMENTIA BIDEN is a fantastic idea to much of the American public, it will be far too late to stop the momentum for it. — Brian Cates

Kash reacts to the affidavit and says he still thinks there’s no chance Trump will be indicted: “What they’ve seen in the public is a complete boomerang effect…. and if for some reason they choose to go down another extreme, unprecedented path of actually charging him, they might as well be handing him the 2024 Presidency, because even if he’s convicted of the crimes they are alleging, Donald Trump can still lawfully be President of the United States.” 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Kash calls for the new Congress in January to run a Russiagate style investigation but “they need to go 10 times harder”.

He says they need to call Wray, Garland and others to testify and answer tough questions: “Why did you allow this investigation to occur when you knew the people and the personnel operating it had already broken the law during Russiagate?”

I think we’re gonna need lots of popcorn in 2023 🍿

This Ad is 🔥 “This election year is about the people’s fury at the most powerful and corrupt political force in America: the media bosses covering up the truth about their chosen candidates. It’s media bosses vs. America,”