Don’t take your eye off the ball, not for one second. Got that?


Brian Cates writes:

The Left showed up. 

While were were all distracted. Busy with our lives. 

They didn’t need a whole lot of people to take over those county commission boards, the school boards, the county election offices, did they? 

They were motivated. They were busy. They were committed.  

Races for offices are set primaries, and really, how many voters show up for primaries over the last couple of decades? 

It was easy peasy lemon squeezy for them to get all their key people in the key posts in so many counties in so many states.  


The rest of the country WOKE UP. 

Millions of Americans awakened to **what these people have REALLY been doing to our counties, our elections, our schools and our communities while were were uninvolved and sitting back and telling ourselves “sure it’s corrupt, but there’s nothing we can do about it’.  

That was always a lie. “The corruption’s too deep. We can’t stop it.”

This is telling yourself a SMALL handful of people who got their first are in control and the other 75% of us are helpless to force change at the local level.  

Some people can never hear this enough and need to realize: WE OUTNUMBER THE LEFT. 

By a LOT. 

But the only way we win and force change is by a MASS MOVEMENT OF CITIZEN ACTIVISM that simply overwhelms the small handful of radical leftists who got use to dictating how things go in our towns and our counties.  

This is what has the Left so scared. It’s why they’re desperate to convince us that we can’t win. 

They can’t stop a mass movement of citizen activists determined to save their country.  


They can’t beat US. Β 

Move forward and burn the boats.