The mainstream conservatives find themselves in a pickle.

They’ve been telling you for years that Q people are crazy, and anyone who promotes it is a whack-job.

Now Trump has repeatedly, directly, and publicly, promoted Q. Which, according to their logic, makes Trump a whack-job. 

Yet they still feverishly support him 🤔

So is Q fake, therefore making Trump a whack-job? Or is Q “real”?

You cannot believe both simultaneously.

Either Q is real, or Trump is promoting a disinformation psyop.


Not to diminish mainstream conservative journalists, but we have to acknowledge that many of them completely disregard the reality of Trump alluding to and promoting Q.

The left-wing MSM are talking about it in outrage, but the mainstream conservative echo chamber is ignoring it.

And regardless of what anyone believes, Trump signaling the Q community is a REAL variable. It happened. A plethora of times.

Choosing to ignore a given variable in a complex equation is negligent to say the least.

The mainstream conservatives…

I’m just now recognizing something. 

Notice how Trump respectfully says “President Putin” when talking about Putin threatening to use his full arsenal.

Then juxtapose that to the way Trump talks about his enemies. He always gives them a cheesy nickname, and speaks about them negatively. 

-“Sleepy” Joe

-Letitia “Peekaboo” James

-“Drunk” Nancy 

-“Lyin’” Chuck 

Trump doesn’t treat Putin the way he treats his enemies. Trump gives Putin respect.

Recognize the difference in tone.