FOX NEWS: reading decisions on Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cage live on air from courtroom.

“Reviewing the aggravating factors that we unanimously found to be established beyond a reasonable doubt, We the jury unanimously find that the aggravating factors are sufficient to warrant a possible sentence of death: Yes.”

“One or more individual jurors find that one or more mitigating circumstances was established by the greater weight of the evidence: Yes.”

“We the Jury unanimously find the aggravating factors that were proven beyond a reasonable doubt outweigh the mitigating circumstances established as to Count 2: No.”

Y’all. 👀

He’s not getting the death penalty for the murder of the 17 kids at Parkland High School.  

They are saying that there were “mitigating circumstances” that OUTWEIGH the “aggravating factors”.


Sheriff Israel?



Wonder what “mitigating circumstances” around what REALLY happened that day will be exposed? 👀