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The chess game between Elon and Twitter is far from over. By taking the company private last week, he prevents the “market” from devaluing the stock on the basis of news of fraud (like this.)  The implication here is he “caught” them hiding evidence from the court that could invalidate the deal.

Because the stock isn’t trading on the market, Elon could recover most of his investment; step back, throw a match, and walk away. h/t  Brian Cates on Truth Social

Today Elon looks the mind control apparatus of the deep state straight in the eye…and flips them a bird

What ?!?! We, the People…MUST be heard and overrule the bureau.  This information needs to be made public to US, the CITIZENS without delay. 

Epoch Times

Saddened that this happened.  Let Doug’s own words help you form an opinion of how to take it. From Steve Kirsch

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  1. This 66 yrs. to get the info on Seth Rich is very reminiscent of Pfizer wanting 75 yrs. for the truth about the death jab to be released. Arrest them all!!

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