Responding to a question from another Spitballer, Karma Patriot wrote this reply:

“First & foremost, WE are financing Ukraine…..or were financing Ukraine.

But I think the answer to the drop’s question is the Deep State. They’ve always used our tax dollars as “pay to play” for whatever REGIME they’ve installed. In exchange, Ukrainian leaders have remained silent about all that goes on in the very corrupt playground of Ukraine.

So Biden Admin & Deep State have been trying their damdest to keep up that same sad game by funneling money to the “war in Ukraine” via Congress. Using Putin, yet again, as their villain….but in reality, I don’t think that Ukraine will ever see a dime of that money.

I think Zelensky is cooperating.

You control a leader & country with money, but based on my research, Pence, Pompeo, Ron Johnson & Trump removed that power when they put an actor named Zelensky in the starring role as President of Ukraine.

Are you ready to take back control?

They already have, which is why the Deep State is panicking.

Good guys flipped the script while the Deep State was preoccupied with all things “impeach Trump”.

Many don’t agree & think Trump let the Deep State install Zelensky on his watch in 2019, but based on my research & Trump’s personality, I don’t think for a minute that anyone slipped anything by Trump while he was in the White House……especially not installing a corrupt President in a corrupt country that held all of the incriminating evidence that Trump needed to destroy his enemies.

Not how Trump rolls.

Just my guess 😊

… Today’s Q message, dropped earlier today.