Kolomoisky is the oligarch behind Ukraine media and Zelensky. 

He’s doing it because he’s a Swamp Monster. 

Biden is blackmailed by Podesta, Kolomoisky, and Clinton. 

But, Hunter flipped, gave Patriots everything. Now they have Biden in a box.

— Just Human


Hunter flipped in 2018, after Patrick Ho was arrested. It’s who he had done the billion dollar LNG deal with. Hunter freaked out. So he left the laptop on purpose.

He loaded up his laptop with evidence and abandoned it so that it could legally be acquired by FBI. 

He also gave the Patriots his watch (the watch in the Drops is Hunter’s)

I think Bobulinski is trying to save himself by turning on Hunter. Bobulinski didn’t know that Hunter had flipped. 

Gotta remember, Bobulinski was in these swampy deals, too.

He’s basically captured, in a cage. 

That’s why he can’t accomplish anything significant for the Dems/Swamp. 

That’s why the admin seems so rudderless.


The Deep State is the equivalent of Satan…..they come to steal, kill & destroy. And while they may have been weakened & removed from power, they will always be lurking in the background looking for an opportunity to infiltrate.

It’s a spiritual battle between good & evil, & it hasn’t been completely won until the moment we walk through the Pearly Gates. I just think we have to put on the Armor of God daily & never let our guard down again….spiritually, physically OR politically. — Karma Patriot, Telegram