What is it going to be? What will President-in-Exile Trump say that is “historic?”

Some comments from the Spitballers:

First, mine:

As long as we’re spitballing about tonight’s “historic” announcement event, wouldn’t it be something if Biden took ill and died at about the same time Trump announces he’s running again? Allowing Trump to remain completely disconnected/detached from the Biden event. Wouldn’t THAT be one for the history books. 😂😂😂 Historic indeed.


“THIS! His team knows that we are all going nuts over this. The question is why ramp up this level of interest and excitement? I know I’m paying very close attention because of it. And, like many/most of you, I’m a veteran of the dark days after November 2020 into spring of 2021 and watching hope after hope crushed. So, I’m a realist. I know it may be different than what I would like to hear. If so, we go on. We don’t give up.”


LIVE now from Mar A Lago


Joe Lange rote:

Here’s an interesting possibility from Jerry Sinkey.

He thinks Trump will announce he is leaving the Republican Party and forming of a new party called the MAGA party.

I actually think this possibility has pretty good odds.

Trump knows when everything is revealed and mass arrests happen that the democrat party will be toxic and completely destroyed. Nobody will want to be associated with it.

That will leave the RINO Republican Party and the MAGA party.

I know where I’ll place my money on who wins.

It makes a lot of sense.

Trump is sitting on a pile of money raised.

He has been continuously bashing RINO Republicans lately too.

A new party just like Lincoln and the Republican Party after the Whig party went into the dust bin of history.

It’s a possibility that would be historic for the future and he would be the founding father of the party


A touch of extraordinary humor given by my great grandfather, a surreal being who lived beyond good and evil!

DONALD JOHN TRUMP at Mar a Lago tonight:

Trump arrives with a solemn air, firm step slowly approahing, while the soundtrack of “WWG1WGA” is heard in the background.

Upon reaching the lectern with a circumspect face, he looks at the entire audience. Suddenly the phone rings. Trump picks it up and says who is calling me now at this vital moment! Is that the FAKE NEWS?

– Ahh it’s Elon Musk! It says that it has decided to restore my Twitter account. Well thanks Elon. While we’re at it, I’m going to send a message that will be the last. You are my direct competition Elon. Tremendous laughter from the audience. 

– Goodnight Elon, I have to hang up, but thanks for the “Space Force” thing.

Trump begins to write:

“My fellow Americans,

the Storm is upon us…….”

God bless you!

Then he apologizes for this somewhat surreal moment and continue.

– By the way, I’m Q+.

While we see Christopher Miller, Mike Flynn, Admiral Rogers, Dan Scavino, Erza Cohen Watnick, Mike Pence, Kash Patel and Mike Lindell embracing Trump in an eternal encounter.

To then follow up with the most epic speech of all time about what’s been going on, Who are “THE SILENT THIEVES”, why they did what they’ve done, and the steps to take from now on to leave the military.

If something like this happened, we could say without a doubt that this sentence of Q would be more than fulfilled:




Joe, I was going to write a rebuttal to your post, since forming a third party would split the conservative vote and make the Democrats the long-term majority.


It goes without saying that when the massive cheating and fraud is revealed it will make the Democrat brand absolutely toxic for normal people. 

What you didn’t say was this – what if we also see the proof that the Republicans are nearly as bad as the Democrats? We’ve seen plenty already, of course, but what if what’s revealed is so radioactive that the Republicans become almost as reviled as Democrats? We’ve certainly seen that swamp-dwellers wear both red and blue, so maybe the plan is to give a new alternative while simultaneously burning both of the major parties to the ground. Of course, for it to work would mean it would have to immediately be followed by undeniable proof of how bad both parties are (some of which we may have seen even in the last week or two).

I appreciate your post – it made me think out of the box. Now the possibility of him announcing a new party and what that would mean has me intrigued.


Well my wish is that he has his announcement of devolution from the Oval Office tonite and then shows the world the fraud with scotus behind him…that would rock my world